The hunt for a new Central Texas College mascot has landed six possibilities: a centurion, a gladiator, a stallion, a falcon, an outlaw and the golden eagle.

The local college announced the finalists selected as part of a competition to choose a new mascot for the school.

At an event at the college Wednesday, the college revealed six potential mascots submitted by students, staff and community members, and encouraged the public to vote online to select CTC’s official mascot.

“We had more than 80 people submit mascots,” said Barbara Merlo, the college’s director of marketing. “It was a great response.”

The final six potential mascots were chosen from the initial entries by a panel of CTC staff and students.

While five of the mascots are new ideas, the college was previously known as the Golden Eagles to identify its nationally ranked tennis team in the early 1970s.

Merlo said CTC students, staff and the general public can vote to select the winner of the competition through April 12.

The college will announce the winning mascot on April 22. The person who submitted the winning mascot idea will receive a new iPad.

“I really like the idea of having a mascot for our school,” said James West, a CTC student. “Most organizations have a mascot or a logo or something that sets them apart.”

The final entries in the mascot competition were announced at an event to launch the college’s rebranding and new advertising campaign.

With the catch phrase “For Students of the Real World,” the marketing brand includes a new logo and advertising materials featuring CTC students from its Killeen, Fort Hood and international campuses.

Some of the students featured in the campaign were present at the event, including Brenda Lopez, a member of Fort Hood’s Warrior Transition Brigade, and Gideon Lovik, who was chosen as the Fort Hood III Corps Soldier of the Year for 2012.

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