Ronnie Edwards

Ellison High School senior Ronnie Edwards is a National Merit Scholar semifinalist. He's also highly active in school, playing basketball, singing in the choir and serving in other organizations.

It’s easy to be impressed with Ellison High School senior Ronnie Edwards.

He’s a varsity basketball player, a member of the school’s Chamber Singers and part of the student council. He’s also part of the bleacher creatures, which he explains, is a support group for athletics, fine arts and other school organizations.

There’s also the matter of Edwards’ academic prowess. He is a National Merit Scholar semifinalist.

Soft-spoken and respectful, Edwards is quick to give credit to his parents, Robert and Dora Edwards of Killeen, and a circle of close friends who hold one another accountable to stay focused.

Though he’s still researching college options, Edwards said he checked a box on his SAT test without thinking much about it.

The check indicated his desire to be part of the Merit Scholarship Corporation National Achievement Program and led to his status as a semifinalist.

“I just found out this week that I’m a semifinalist,” he said Friday. “It’s pretty surprising.”

Edwards said he’s always been one to study and said his parents have never been tolerant of excuses going back to first grade.

He attended Memorial Christian Academy and Grace Christian Academy, then Saegert Elementary School, Liberty Hill Middle School and four years at Ellison High School, all in Killeen.

While some academics come easily, Edwards said he has developed the habit of reviewing his work to make sure he knows what is required.

He’s still considering his options for post-secondary study and is leaning toward marketing and communications. If it works out, he would be interested in playing basketball, but said that is secondary.

“I want to go to a reputable college. I’m looking at academics first,” he said.

As far as offering tips to students interested in doing well in school, he said you have to stick to it all four years and you should find a group of friends who are goal-oriented.

He described how he makes contact in the hallways with friends daily and they all encourage one another. “We pick each other up,” he said.

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