Fees to use local sports facilities still too high, youth coaches say

Killeen-area youth coaches are still asking Killeen Independent School District officials to lower rental costs associated with district basketball gyms, football fields and other facilities.

At a KISD board meeting last week, seven local youth coaches showed up in support of fellow youth sports coaches Dee Jenkins and Christopher Whitney, who both spoke during the meeting.

Jenkins and Whitney spoke during the public forum, thanking the board for continuing conversations about facility usage fees, while requesting more assistance in lower facility usage fees to better help their organizations.

“Our main job is to help these kids, to hopefully receive college scholarships. Four of my student athletes will be receiving college scholarships this coming fall.” Jenkins said.

Whitney talked about how sports helps give at-risk kids guidance to a better life, and can help them get a college education. Many kids on these youth teams can afford typical monthly fees to play competitive youth sports.

“Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, and enable me to supply scholarships for some of my kids whose parents can’t afford my team fees.” Whitney said. “Football was all that I ever had. Besides my parents, my youth coaches are some of my closest friends. Growing up, they were my role models.”

Oftentimes, coaches spend thousands of dollars for practice and game facilities because of the fees required by KISD policy.

“It’s costing us more than $1,300 to use your fields, and that’s just simply not affordable enough. We aren’t asking for free usage. We are just asking for a little bit of your help.” Whitney said.

The board did not address the coaches’ request directly. KISD has not notified the Herald about any further action in lowering rental costs.

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Why can't these at risk kids join school teams? They don't have to pay extra for that, however they do have to keep their grades up. I don't see a problem with these outside programs getting charged a fee for using KISD facilities. They don't seem to be charitable organizations as they are play for pay sports. Why should KISD pay for these "scholarships"?


$300 million budget and the buildings/facilities sit unused 165 days of the year. A school should used as a "community" center. KISD needs to realize it owes its existence to the taxpaying citizen.

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