Donning medieval capes and armor, fencers dueled and clacked bamboo swords on grass in front of about 30 people Sunday at the fourth annual GeekFest at Central Texas College.

The Society for Creative Anachronism’s live action role-playing show was one of more than 60 programs during the three-day event.

The performance caught Caitlin Oathout’s attention. The 18-year-old incoming CTC history major moved to Killeen 1½ months ago, and now wants to join the organization, which re-creates sixth to 16th century culture.

Her favorite part of GeekFest?

“The first night, they had (artwork) for the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show,’” she said. “That was probably my favorite.”

The Mayborn Planetarium building offered a laser light show, robot demo, magic card and video game tournaments, portraitures, comics and classes ranging from steampunk to “Star Wars.”

In Anderson Campus Center, about 40 vendors sold nerd-centric items, from wire-clad action figures to stuffed Pokémon.

Funds benefit the CTC Student Ambassador program, which focuses on community outreach, recruitment and retention.

“We’re kind of geeks ourselves,” said event organizer and student ambassador Jennifer Hetzel.

She said her group considered many fundraiser ideas, but saw a certain void.

“There’s really nothing else like this in the area,” Hetzel said. “We feel like we kind of hit on something. ... It gets bigger every year.”

She estimated this year’s 2,000 to 2,500 total dorks as the most in GeekFest history.

The fest might’ve inspired Copperas Cove resident Christopher Austin, 30, to start making costumes, he said. He came all three days.

What about the costume classes appealed to him?

“The attention to detail; the pride that you get from whenever you do it yourself.”

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Kes Yocum
Kes Yocum

It's the Society for Creative Anachronism, not the Society of Creative Anarchism. Anachronism is used to refer to something out of it's own time. Anarchism is utterly and completely different. Please do better research and editing.

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