“Activ"ly Learning, Nolanville ES, Kimberly Kosh: 350 students $4,000.00 all

“Activ"ly Learning, Nolanville ES, Susan Sebeck: 350 students $3,599.00 all

Students will use an interactive board on a table, or ActivTable, in small groups to facilitate multi-subject learning, collaboration, problem-solving and mastery of learning goals. The ActivTable will foster group decision-making processes and respectful interactions with peers. The ActivTable accommodates up to six users at once, making the ActivTable a multi-use, multi-sensory learning center that allows for whole-group and/or individual learning to occur throughout all core subjects. The ActivTable tracks student usage so teachers have the opportunity to decipher what each student contributes individually while still working together. This allows for important feedback for teachers to understand each student’s needs.

Blossoms, Birds, Butterflies and Beauty, Ellison HS ,John Reed: 2438 students $2,135.00 all

Student’s mastery of natural systems is difficult in a classroom. To increase engagement, an 8,400 square foot Blackland Prairie grass plot will be developed on campus. The scientific analysis of this perennial ecosystem prompts higher learning skills in many academic areas. These include Science (i.e. meteorology, biology, broadcasting, and technologically), Mathematics (i.e. surveying and graphing), Social Studies (i.e. historic and present human impact), Fine Arts (i.e. photography and artistic impressions), and English (i.e. sensitive reflections). Campus procured tables and benches will invite the local community to share a tranquil moment while taking in an intricate regrowth of Texas’ past.

Digital Vocabulary Photo Frames, East Ward ES, Tara Russe: 89 students $1,200.00 all

The project proposed is “Digital Vocabulary Flashcards” using digital photo frames and digital photo frame key chains, and Marzano’s Six Steps to Building Academic Vocabulary. During weekly computer lab time, students will use a database of vocabulary words from each content area to create PowerPoint slides. The students will use the digital Flashcards to build vocabulary across all subject areas during Balanced Literacy Centers.

Drumming Our Way to Reading, Brookhaven ES, Jennifer Seim: 500 students $4,124.00 music

Students will authentically experience the instruments and rhythms of African drumming through syllables, rhymes, and poetry. Students will have hands on experience playing drums and rhythm instruments from the African drumming tradition and will create their own rhymes and poems to put to music with the instruments. The elements of poetry and rhyme will be taught to deepen their understanding of the written word as they read it and create it.

Duke TIP Scholarship, All Middle Schools, Latricia Brown: 440students $5,500 all

Killeen ISD had 650 of its 7th graders qualify for the Duke University Talent Identification program this year. This program helps to identify, motivate, and provide support and enrichment for academically talented youth and their families. In order for students to participate in above-level testing (ACT or SAT) parents are required to pay a registration fee. We would like to be able to help parents off-set the cost of testing by providing scholarships to those students on each campus that qualify for free and reduced lunch.

Elementary Science Olympiad, 31 Elementary Schools, Alice Anderson: 14,415students $10,190.00 science

An Elementary School and the Elementary Curriculum Department are partnering to host the second annual Killeen ISD Elementary Science Olympiad Tournament. The Science Olympiad is an international non-profit organization devoted to improving the quality of science education, increasing student interest in science and providing recognition for outstanding achievement in science education by both students and teachers. The tournament is a rigorous academic competition that will consist of 20 team events that participating 3rd-5th students prepare for during the year. Preparation for the events will take place on 31 campuses during after-school Science Club meetings led by Killeen ISD teachers serving as campus Science Olympiad coaches. Each participating elementary school may enter one team of 15 students in the tournament.

Enhancing Skills for Health Science Technology Education, Career Center, Carol Francis: 100 students $1,950.00 practicums in health science

The monies will be used to purchase two sets of “special need babies” to provide realistic infant models with true-to-life accessories and curricula for training critical caregiver skills: Choking first aid; CPR techniques; Special needs procedures.

Fine Arts Community Collaboration Project, Shoemaker HS, Ashley Calderon: 50 students $2,015.00 theater, choir, band

The high school fine arts department programs are collaborating to produce the musical “Once On This Island,” in order to provide enrichment to the students through interdisciplinary learning and to boost community involvement in the school’s fine arts programs. A grant for the “Fine Arts Community Collaboration” project will benefit the whole high school’s community by defraying production costs to include royalties, set supplies, and music score rentals, thus allowing the fine arts department to keep ticket prices to a minimum and welcome a larger audience to support these students.

Get on the Ball!, Iduma ES, Debbie Brown: 125 students $3,319.00 all

For testing I was paired with a 3rd grade teacher who had problems with a student’s focusing. He was either “all over the place” or “asleep.” Testing day was a challenge. The teacher and I took turns nudging him awake every 5 minutes. I took the student outside twice to run two laps around the blacktop to get his blood pumping and increase alertness. He lasted 10 minutes longer than before the run. Last resort, I went to the gym to get an exercise ball, satisfied with the thought that if he fell asleep he would fall off and wake himself. We never had to nudge him again. Not once. He never nodded off. I began to wonder what his learning would have looked like had he had the ball all year…What if more of our student had this opportunity?

We propose purchasing 5 sets of exercise balls to improve the learning environment for 3rd-5th grade classes.

Gotta Make It Pop, Palo Alto MS, Sara Braddy: 931 students $1,495.00 science

Sixth graders have difficulty getting excited about studying organisms. After multiple approaches, nothing has held much promise until now. We want our 6th grade students to use BrainPOP to gain information about organisms through its award-winning website that delivers instructional content using interactive animation, quizzes and games. Students will build a giant semantic map organizing all of the organisms by Kingdom and Domain. Videos are 5 minutes in length and can be incorporated into a lesson along with labs and assessment. Through BrainPOP kids will be able to see just how each type of organism functions – the information just POPS!

Greenhouse Laboratory, Charles Patterson MS, Roger Barker: 917 students $4,884.00 Science

The grant will fund a greenhouse laboratory to be used to provide science labs with plants for experiments and demonstrations. This will be a working laboratory with the goal of exciting students in the STEM fields. Experiments and demonstrations will include Forces impacting living things, Photosynthesis, Plant anatomy, Genetics, Composting, Food Cycle, etc.

How does your Garden grow?Palo Alto MS, Holly Adams: 934students $4,755.00 all

Returning to our roots. Our students do not have the basic outdoor experiences that only a couple of decades ago could be taken for granted. The lack of hands-on experience with plants has decreased our STAAR (State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness) scores. We want to turn that around by getting their hands in the dirt and putting to practice what we study. So when asked, “How Does Your Garden Grow?” our students can answer that question with personal knowledge and experience from preparing the soil to planting to cultivation to harvesting.

iplay, ilearn, iachieve,Saegert ES, Brett Lingle: 1263 students $4,497 PE, math, science & social studies

Nothing is more melodic than the sounds of racing hearts, pounding feet and laughing voices. This will be the result of implementing Peaceful Playgrounds Program. The program will maximize the number of students involved in physical activity, rather than having them wait in line, or finding their own ways to pass time. The potential to help improve children’s physical fitness, confidence, and academic achievements while enhancing their minds and self-esteem in immeasurable ways, is priceless. By aligning education activities with conflict resolution and self-esteem skills, Peaceful Playgrounds will transform our students’ lives and positively impact social, behavioral and academic performance.

Marcy Cook Tiles: Underlying Processes & Math tools Understanding,Smith MS, Su Frank: 750 students $4,912.00 math

Marcy Cook Tiles are a wonderful resource to help motivate students to create questions and solve problems using techniques such as mental math, estimation, and number sense to solve problems.

Our school is made up of approximately 57% economically disadvantages students. Our campus plan objective is to prepare our students for a STAAR mathematics-passing rate of 85% and become proficient in areas of Underlying Processes and Mathematical Tools.

The district has noticed that the continued lack of performance for Underlying Processes has been recurring for years. The math department strongly agrees that the addition of Marcy Cook Tiles to our manipulatives catalog would help us achieve better success with Underlying Processes and Mathematical Tools.

Maximizing Guided Reading Instruction w Leveled Math Readers, Willow Springs ES, Amber Smith: 733 students $3,160.00 math and reading

Our proposed project is projected to increase mathematics achievement on campus, primarily through guided reading instruction. Scholastic Leveled Math Readers help students strengthen their content area vocabulary and concepts that relate to problem solving and critical thinking. After reading these fiction and non-fiction titles, students engage in provided activities and discussions, intended to enhance comprehension, speaking, and listening skills. Topics prompt students to analyze patterns within and beyond the books. These books would strengthen our campus Math Literacy Library. Each title is leveled (ranging from A-W) and includes six copies of every book, the perfect amount for small-group instruction.

Researching and Learning Together, Brookhaven ES, Charlynn Loeffler: 750students $1,911.00 social studies, science, & LA

TruFlix is a multi-integrated program of books, videos, activities, and projects that span several social studies and science topics. It encourages learning in geography, civilizations, space and ecosystems which relate to science and social studies TEKS. This program also uses cross curricular topics to enhance many of the ELAR TEKS. This online program with 83 accompanying books will support the teachers in engaging the students and will help enhance enrichment and intervention opportunities for students of all grade levels.

Return to the Scene of the Crime through Science, Palo Alto MS, Sherry Phillips: 300-350 students $1,255.00 science

Forensics is a way to integrate into our existing math or science curriculum. This course content can be expanded to challenge the needs of the AP, accelerated or honors students or it can be used to motivate and engage students who would otherwise shy away from math and science.

Forensic science: incorporates math biology chemistry, earth science, physics, technology, and writing; provides a means to integrate skills around a theme of problem solving a mystery; includes hand-on activities, labs, interactive computer activities, case studies and PowerPoint Presentations.

Robotic and Technology in the Classroom, Willow Springs ES, Beverly Tucker: 350 students $2,153.00 math and science

Our proposed project is based on our need for a math and science intervention in fourth and fifth grade that consists of hands-on manipulatives and highly engaging, problem solving lessons. These lessons will increase our STAAR scores in Math objective 3 (Geometry and Spatial Reasoning), Math objective 4 (Measurement) and Science objectives 3 (Physical Science). This project comes from NASA’s Mind Storms Robots.

The KISD District Improvement Plan Goal Two states for math, “We expect 84% of all students will meet the achievement standard with no more than an 8% gap among all student groups.” The plan’s Goal One for science states, “We expect 86% of all students will meet the achievement standard with no more than a 7% gap among all student groups.”

Our Campus Improvement Plan supports the KISD District Improvement Plan through Math Goal Two (objective 3 and 4) and Science Goal 1 (objective 3) that states for both, “Curriculum Instructional Specialist and classroom teachers will collaborate to use CSCOPE to plan lessons to increase student achievement in mathematics and science.”

We believe that these goals can be achieved on the campus level through the collaborative team planning and with the use of robotics and technology to provide students with problem solving opportunities for reteach and then mastery.

SPARK Probeware, Eastern Hills MS, Taylor Wusk: 750students $4,969.00 science

We would like to purchase “SPARK probeware” and “Sally Ride labs” to help improve our science classrooms. SPARKs are portable devices that help students gather data, graph, and analyze. Sally Ride labs work with the SPARK to provide further instruction to middle school classrooms. The SPARKs and Sally Ride labs will help us achieve 40% lab instruction time and provide current technology to our students. It will give us additional opportunities to teach difficult to learn concepts and help us differentiate our instruction to give our students the best possible chance to learn to the best of their ability.

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