HARKER HEIGHTS — Harker Heights High School freshman Hannah Combs loved her hair, but after a bullying incident at school last week, she had to partially shave her head. Now, her parents are calling for justice.

Hannah, 15, arrived at school Sept. 14 and met up with her friends outside the front of the building. While she was talking to one of her friends, a boy came from behind and poured super glue on her head, getting it all over her hair and her scalp.

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Several readers intimated the girl had previously bullied the boy. I read the story twice and did not see that reported. Just wondering.


The following is a freedom of speech statement in accordance with The First Amendment with states in part Freedom of Speech is UNABRIDGED and therefore is a Right not a suggestion. Minister Dennis King

I have lived in Texas for years and is well known for throwing around criminal trespass like candy. It is used, like in this instance, to threaten and put fear into anyone who expresses his First Amendment Rights of freedom of speech and the Fourth Amendment to protect your family.

The father had every God given right to get angry. His daughter was physically assaulted by a bully that inflected physical harm on his daughter. I would have done the same and return fire in the face of the principal. And reminded the officer of his duty to "protect and to SERVE the public.

It is evident that the principal did not care and very cold hearted to the core about the child but enjoyed throwing her Pacifist/communist attitude around and was completely OUT OF LINE. Her attitude is to be "yes sir and no sir" to the parents and with complete respect to the father. The principal had zero compassion and mercy as to the fathers heartfelt concern for his daughter.

The schools are not prisons or penitentiaries and defiantly NOT a government institution. The officer behavior is as if the school is a prison and behaves as if he was a prison guard; for his response to the father is how he would act as a prison guard. As a minister I have visited jails and I know this to be very true.

They are fortunate that the father didn't come with a Oath Keeper security personal to make sure his Constitutional Rights were not violated as it was that day. The Oath Keepers were created to protect, maintain and enforce that the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution for all Americans.

Minister Dennis King


First Irving and now this? What kind of rejects are these small town districts hiring? I have a friend who is having to deal with this breed of jerk. Get an attorney and sue them straight back to the Stone Age


The subject's last name was spelled wrong at least three times in your article. I don't think your copy editor knows how to use spellcheck.


I'll bet that no one has complained to the police about this yet. This young man should be sitting in a holding cell even as I type.....he should've been picked up on the grounds by the HHPD, perped walk to the Police Cruiser, placed in the back seat and taken to booking.....he, now, will only graduate on to more serious assaults until it's too late to save or rescue him from himself or his environment.....mac


I don't understand why the police did not take the kid into custody. This was an assault with bodily injury. Were the police even called or a report made?


Even if this girl was bullying this kid for months-what did KISD do about that in the first place? Why wasn't it recognized and reported? With all the anti-bully programs nationwide? (Is it because KISD is below standards or barely meeting the standards?) Maybe all of this could have been prevented-if that's what even happened. I have heard that KISD doesn't do much when it comes to discipline. My daughter-who has graduated from Heights a few years ago-said, "It's not even worth reporting bullying because the administrators don't do anything about it." IF bullying is the case-BOTH students should recieve the appropriate discipline. Because they both did bad things-if that is even true. We wonder why bad things happen in schools these days. It's because bad kids know nothing is going to happen to them or the punishment is too light. What happened to after school detention?- where they have to walk home or parents have to pick up their students. Parents don't even feel the consequence of their bad kid. It's too easy to be bad and hard to be good...that's just screwed up! The system needs to change and people need more compassion. Especially Mr. Craft. KISD is looking more communistic or like a monarchy with a figure head. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY‼️ We want to hear from the top people when issues like this are made public. It would promote trust and healing instead of hiding behind a desk. AND we are tired of blanket statements. BE REAL-show compassion and caring. Sounds like no one is trained in de-escalating a situation. Front office personnel should know how to talk to people to help calm them-ESPECIALLY a vice-principal-instead of what happened in this case. It went from worse to worse. You reap what you sow-KISD.

I Am

I realize that My immediate response to a incident of this magnitude would at the time My children were in their teens probably found Me in front of a judge being sentenced to a jail term. I would not have been able to contain myself with the individuals handling of this assault on one of my children!
I admire the restraint and direction the family has taken. You Sir are a better person!


This is all sad, but, I do not think we have the whole story, wasnt this lady bullying the boy for months and he got fed up? What he did was wrong, but blame should be palced where it is deserved here.

I Am

What about respect??? Do we teach our children to be assertive and show disregard for the safety of fellow students??
Nothing this article says indicates anything about the girl being a bully but still that would not justify the conduct of the other child.


How do you know she was bullying him and even if she was, why does that give him the right to chemically burn her scalp?

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er


Retired Sergeant Burgess

It is ashamed that this young lady had this done to her, and who is really getting punished for a crime she did not commit. It goes to show you it does not matter how much education you have we have a lot of stupid people out there,that are running jobs they should not even be in. The Principal along with the Assistant Principal should be fired from the job or terminated which ever they want to call it. I would also be looking in to vote Craft out for the next election. This crime this young lady received should not only be answered by him in front of a judge but his family should be right there with him. Kick him out immediately.


The perpetrator(s) need to be arrested and prosecuted for assault. They can finish HS in jail.

The assistant principal needs to be arrested and prosecuted for assault for "getting in the face" of a parent. Immediate reassignment to a new and exciting career at Burger King is also in order for this person.

Guess what-the parent is the taxpayer, the property owner, the parent, and the registered voter. That makes the parent YOUR BOSS 4 times over, assistant principal. You better get with the program.


It is a shame Hannah had to go thru this. It is a shame that the KISD staff handled this matter the way they did.. I have children in the KISD and must say that I have never encountered such unprofessional administrative staff. I wonder how they got the job. I have been to the school office, left standing there because the staff was eating, talking on the phone (not official business) or just plain ignored. One time I wanted to drop something off for the teacher. I know they have mailboxes in the office. The lady told me to take it home and sent it in with the child the next day. Yes, KISD has real professionals working for them. So I can understand Hannah's parents frustration.


I agree 100% the criminal who done this lost the right to even go to Harker Heights High School. This young lady will now be left with the emotional scars, looks and gossip from other students instead of enjoying school. No one's child should have to endure a physical assault to which the school district makes them feel victimized all over. Charge the suspect with assault and let his parents worry about taking him to another school.


I am so sorry this young lady had to go through this unnecessary situation. I am so proud of her parents for taking action. Good thing non of the super glue ended up in her eyes. It's very possible that could have happened. There should be SERIOUS consequences for this student that assaulted her. My blood was boiling just reading the article. I am CERTAIN the reason there was not a response from Mr. Craft is because the district is already under scrutiny for how they handle special education. Now this. What has to happen for compassion to happen? Does someone have to die accidentally or loose their vision? This is just ridiculous-my blood just boils over hearing about the treatment of students and parents in the district. You would think educators and assistant principals would know how to handle and have compassion for a furious parent whose daughter was violated by another student. I wonder what would have happened if this student squeezed super glue on a school administrator? SHAME ON KILLEEN ISD!! SHAME-SHAME-SHAME, Disappointment. This district is looking ridiculously bad. TRUST-NONE. I bet the response from the district will be-"We are handling it." With ABSOLUTELY NO PUBLIC DETAILS on how they are handling it. This student that violated the young lady-the parents should be held liable. Parents need to ALSO take responsibility for their kids actions. If my kid violated someone-i would want to take responsibility for what they did as a minor. WHAT A STICKY SITUATION.

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er


I agree for SHAME on KISD...this guy should have been arrested for assaulting another student...first degree chemical burns is a serious assault.

Her parents should sue this student for assault and future damages due to first degree chemical burns. Will her hair grow back without further damage?

"The principal confronted Grimmier and told him he needed to leave. He stayed and signed his daughter out at the attendance office, at which time a Killeen Independent School District police officer gave him a trespass warning. The school did not release Hannah until her father went to the parking lot."

Sounds like the victim and family are being punished for the assault. Maybe if the school had taken the assault seriously, the parent wouldn't have been irate.

To all parents speak up...you are your child's best advocate. Ask questions and get involved. Do not allow anyone at KISD to intimidate you!

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