HARKER HEIGHTS — A high school edition of the Boys & Girls Club joined two middle school clubs in Harker Heights in September, Francie Charles, resource development director of the Boys & Girls Club of Central Texas, reported to the City Council on Tuesday.

The organization has received both vocal and monetary support from the City Council in past years.

Recognizing the importance of the Boys & Girls Club in Heights, the city last year increased its annual contribution to the after-school organization to $50,000.

The success of the clubs at Union Grove and Eastern Hills middle schools led to the creation of the Harker Heights High School club, Charles said.

Membership at Union Grove increased by 12 percent last year, and Eastern Hills membership increased by 14 percent.

About 100 students are now registered in the HHHS club; Charles told the council she hopes that number will continue to grow.

“It takes time for word to get out,” she said, adding that the students usually wait to see if their friends join before making a commitment to the club.

Harker Heights High freshman Jimmy Scoggins, a Boys & Girls Club member, first joined the Union Grove Middle School club and now serves as a mentor to other members. He said his experience with the Boys & Girls Club has changed his life.

“When I make a difference, it may not be a large difference at first, but in the long run it helps me feel like a better person knowing I have helped a kid so in the future they can be successful,” Scoggins said.

Charles told the council that Harker Heights is filled with children like Scroggins who can benefit from the Boys & Girls Club.

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