By 11 a.m. Saturday, about 400 applicants had filtered through a job fair hosted by the Killeen Independent School District at Shoemaker High School hoping to land teaching positions in the fall.

Representatives from each of Killeen ISD’s elementary, middle and high schools met with the applicants to discuss job openings for the 2013-2014 school year, said Steve Cook, the district’s chief personnel officer.

“It’s a great time for all of our principals to see all the people at once, and for all the applicants to see multiple campuses at once,” Cook said. “I think it’s beneficial for all of us.”

Special education, math and science teachers are most needed by the school district, while finding qualified candidates for unique certifications is also a challenge, said Marvin Rainwater, KISD Career Center principal. His campus needs a licensed cosmetology instructor and a health science instructor with a registered nursing license for the certified nurse’s assistant program.

As the applicants made their way through the fair, some had better luck than others. Tina Pricer attended the fair in hopes of finding an elementary school position to utilize her ESL and early childhood certifications but found that most schools she talked to didn’t have openings in those areas.

“But they’re expecting some,” Price said. “Some said they’d call back as early as next week.”

Diane Terry, however, landed an interview on site due to her experience, focus and certifications in elementary and middle school English, social studies and ESL.

“This has been good,” she said. “I was focusing on just a few schools, so I didn’t visit as many as some of the others.”

Douglas Montalvo, who also got an interview, was encouraged by responses to his early childhood-sixth grade and secondary math certifications.

“My experience has been really good,” he said. “This has been a great opportunity and I have absolute confidence about a contract for next year.”

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Dr Strangelove

Cosmetology Instructor!!! For what this has been a failed government program for years! Oh the Feds and States make money but the majority of students going into the field fail—this is what happens when you allow government to run our schools this is just another waste of tax dollars.


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