Flanked by Families in Crisis leaders Shakinah Marion and Juana Wright are Iduma Elementary School student council officers fifth-graders Courtney Upton, Mayleane Roig and Jaraizha Rivera and fourth-graders Ethan Everett and Isobela Darnell. The council led a drive that raised 253 pair of pajamas and the school gave away a book with each pair.

A new student council at Iduma Elementary School led a clothes drive that collected 250 sets of pajamas for a shelter that benefits Families in Crisis.

Student leaders at Iduma handed over four large bins containing the sleepwear for all sizes of children and with each a donated book from the school library.

“It was fun to collect pajamas for people who need them at a time when it’s cold outside,” said Jaraizha Rivera, a fifth-grader and Iduma student council president.

She and the other officers made announcements reminding students and staff of the drive and helped pick up and collect the donated pajamas.

“I think it was really good. The school donated and donated to give to Families in Crisis,” Rivera said. The council’s original goal was 100, then 200 and in the end the school gave away 253 sets.

Iduma donated about $1,500 worth of books along with the donated clothing.

Families in Crisis volunteer coordinator Shakinah Marion and outreach case manager Juana Wright picked up the bins of clothing Thursday.

“It’s amazing to see kids this age accomplish a project like this for other kids,” Marion said. “They set aside their needs and wants to give to others. It’s amazing.”

38 children

Families in Crisis is an agency that runs shelters in Killeen and Temple for men, women and children who are victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

The charity also provides counseling and legal advocacy.

The local shelter currently serves 38 children.

“It was very fun,” said Mayleane Roig, a fifth-grader and vice president of the Iduma student council. “I felt like I was doing something good in the world. I can help the world be a better place.”

“It’s really cool helping other families,” said Courtney Upton, a fifth-grader and treasurer. “A lot of people were thinking of others and not themselves. I’m really proud of our school.”

School counselors Delores Coney and Genna Vivona are advisers to the new student council at Iduma. They credited the group for building excitement for the pajama drive.

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