Ty Cosper may be afraid of rodeo clowns, but he still loves riding, despite getting stepped on by bulls multiple times, including one that broke his left arm.

“A lot of times during the ride, there’s not much going through my head except ‘stay on, don’t

fall and run when I hit the ground,’” said Cosper, an Ellison High School freshman. “The adrenaline rush is what has got me hooked.”

Cosper shared his experiences with bull riding with students Friday at Peebles Elementary School.

The school celebrated Texas Independence Day, which is Sunday, with visits from Cosper, Dallas native and musician Rickey Pittman and soldiers from Fort Hood’s 1st Cavalry Division’s horse detachment.

Julie McCormack, the school’s librarian, said bringing in presenters engaged the students and made them more excited about learning Texas history.

“They need to learn about Texas. They live in Texas,” she said. “It’s just fabulous (Ty) is very patient with the children, he’s knowledgeable and they’re interested.”

Students sat on a horse saddle the soldiers brought and listened to country tunes from Pittman.

“I like horses. That’s the one I like, besides puppies,” said first-grader Ceslie Self.

Cosper said he enjoyed seeing the students’ faces as he talked about his adventures.

“Some of them have never seen a horse or seen a bull, so I just like to come out here and talk to them,” he said.

Self said she would be too scared to bull ride, but she did learn “how not to fall off.”

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