Killeen High School invited parents to campus Tuesday for a chance to experience a day in the life of a student during its annual “Walk A Mile In My Shoes” day.

More than 400 parents and guardians joined their children, lining up early to register for the event, which allows parents to shadow students for an entire school day at KHS.

“Today parents will get to experience what the learning environment is like for their child,” said Tanya Clifton, the school’s student activities coordinator. “They get an opportunity to see what it’s like from their child’s perspective.”

It was an opportunity parent Sabrina Nigreville was more than happy to take.

“My daughter is in the IB (international baccalaureate) program, and I know it is very rigorous,” said Nigreville, whose daughter Raven is a KHS sophomore. “I wanted to see what that entails, and get a feel for what her schedule at school is like this year.”

Raven Nigreville said she was more than happy to show her mother, a KHS alumnus, just what it takes to be a high school student in 2013.

“I think she’s going to be surprised,” Raven said. “I’m glad I get a chance to show her how hard it is.”

While this was the first time Sabrina Nigreville participated in the “Walk A Mile” day, other parents like Harold Clipper have attended the event in past years. Clipper’s daughter, Kelly, is a junior at KHS.

“I went to school here 37 years ago, and I like to see how things have changed,” Clipper said. “It helps me get a feel for what her life is like.”

Many of those parents are surprised at how things have changed, said math teacher Mark Shifflett. Tuesday marked Shifflett’s third year hosting parents during the event, which he runs just like a regular class, with parents working alongside their kids.

“I’ve been told before by parents that it’s stuff they remember learning, but it’s taught differently from when they were in high school,” Shifflett said. “They get to see how teaching has evolved.”

The event also gave parents a chance to get more involved in their child’s education.

“Parent involvement is very important to us,” said Clifton. “We know that the more involved a parent becomes in a student’s life, the more successful that student is going to be.”

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