Proposed changes to attendance zones in the Killeen Independent School District for the 2014-2015 school year include the closure of Fowler Elementary School.

The proposal, which was presented to the district’s board of trustees Tuesday, is a result of the plan to open a 33rd elementary school in the southern part of the district next school year.

“Under this proposal, Fowler would be closed,” Jeff Heckathorn, the district’s demographer, told board members Tuesday.

Under the proposed plan, the school’s attendance zone would be divided among three other elementary schools: East Ward, West Ward and Clifton Park.

Fowler, 1020 W. Trimmier Road, opened in Killeen in 1956. With 362 students, it is one of the district’s smaller schools. Superintendent Robert Muller indicated the administration was proposing the closure of Fowler because it would be financially inefficient to keep it running.

“To open a new campus and keep a very small campus online is very expensive,” Muller said.

Muller said Fowler’s staff were briefed on the possibility of the campus closing.

“There is some sadness that resonates throughout this discussion, but there is also optimism because we are going to open up a new building,” Muller said.

The superintendent told board members the district would recommend moving teachers and other staff from Fowler to the yet-to-be-named 33rd elementary school for the 2014-2015 school year. The district took similar action when it closed the old Haynes Elementary School campus in 2006.

The proposed attendance zones, and the closure of Fowler, have not been approved by the board.

Muller said the district would have to hold public hearings at the sites to be affected by the changes, get feedback from staff and parents, and possibly make revisions before bringing the matter to the board for a final vote.

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