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In a high-energy, motivational convocation Friday at the Bell County Expo Center, 7,000 Killeen ISD employees celebrated the coming new school year as a cast of 480 band, cheer, choir and dance students, as well as high school directors from the four high schools provided entertainment. The first day of school for KISD is Aug. 26.

BELTON — As confetti drifted from the ceiling, thousands of Killeen ISD employees joined high school spirit leaders singing, dancing and cheering Friday in a huge back-to-school, high-energy, musical convocation party.

More than 7,000 school district staff members made their way to the Bell County Expo Center, where KISD Superintendent John Craft welcomed them back, praised recent accomplishments, encouraged greater victories to come and made clear “we’re all in this together.”

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Combined high school band members play during the culminating piece of Killeen ISD’s convocation Friday at the Bell County Expo Center that included 7,000 employees and a cast of 480 students and directors.

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Killeen ISD Superintendent John Craft gets into the rhythm Friday of the district’s convocation at the Bell County Expo Center. The motivational event for all 7,000 employees featured a variety of student and staff band, choir, dance and cheer performances as well as inspiring testimony as employees prepare for the coming school year.

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How many thousands of dollars this this boondoggle cost? KISD finds new and inventive ways to waste out property taxes. This nonsense on top of $120k a year for communications director/propaganda minister. The superintendent should be fired and the entire school board who approved this should be voted out.


I agree. How many tax payers couldn't even afford to go out to dinner or get their meds after this BOND and now KISD is rubbing the tax payers noses in it. So sad when elderly and disabled vets have to go with out so KISD can spend spend spend.

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