The Killeen Independent School District released the “separate” special education audit report to the Herald, a week after the district filed a request to the Texas attorney general to withhold the report from the public.

The Herald received a letter Tuesday evening from the district’s attorney, Haley Turner of Austin-based law firm Walsh Gallegos, as notification of the district’s withdrawal of their attorney general request.

The district emailed the separate report in question Tuesday evening, shortly after receipt of the attorney’s letter.

The December 2015 separate report is titled “Killeen ISD Special Education Archival Data Analyses,” by Gibson Consulting Group. The 69-page report details information about special education student retention, performance and discipline involvement.

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The Herald had filed a freedom of information request for the original draft of the audit as part of the paper’s ongoing coverage of KISD’s Special Education program. The state last year found the district’s special education program to be noncompliant with state and federal regulations and parents of special-needs children continue to wait for improvements in the program.

In February, the district fought the Herald’s request for a complete unrevised copy of its special education audit. Just before spring break, the district released the documents. A review of the documents raised more questions.

In particular, the document mentioned a “separate report” that was not mentioned in the final public version of the report.

An entire paragraph from the January draft mentioning the mysterious report was deleted by someone, prior to the district’s final release of the special education audit to the public in March.

The district maintains it was not involved in the editing of the document; however, a preliminary review of district correspondence says otherwise.

For a better idea of the road traveled to get these documents, read, and .

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