Creating a list of goals is an important process whether for a person, business or an organization.

Each year, the Killeen Independent School District reviews and revises goals developed by the superintendent and the school board. KISD officials said the goals provide direction as the road map for planning and actions throughout the district.

Killeen ISD lists five goals for the 2016-2017 school year. Agenda items are aligned with the district goals for each school board meeting to provide clarity and focus, according to officials.

Goal No. 1

Killeen ISD will maintain rigorous standards of achievement to prepare 21st century learners for graduation and post-secondary success.

Along with this goal, KISD officials said the district maintains high expectations for measurable academic achievement gains and continuously evaluates academic programs to ensure measurable effectiveness. Additionally, the district works to improve the provision of special education services.

Goal No. 2

The issues of recruiting, pay and staff development are the focus of goal No. 2: Killeen ISD will recruit, employ, develop and retain a highly effective staff that proactively engages students for success.

This refers to the district offering employees a competitive compensation and benefit package, as well as provide quality professional development opportunities for staff, and maintain high standards for etiquette, dress and employee wellness, according to KISD.

Goal No. 3

Communication and community involvement are key points in goal No. 3: All Killeen ISD personnel will promote effective parental and community involvement through communication, participation and partnerships in accomplishing the district’s goals. And expand and foster strong relationships with education shareholders and the community. The district wants to accentuate the progress and promotion of a positive district image through its communication and marketing.

Goal No. 4

A safe, healthy work environment is listed as goal No. 4: Killeen ISD will provide a safe, healthy, secure, and orderly environment for students, staff, families and community. This goal addresses student code of conduct and disciplinary measures to maintain campus security and implement plans to ensure the students’ safety during lunch periods.

Goal No. 5

The final goal No. 5: Killeen ISD will maintain efficient and effective management of resources and operations to maximize learning for all students and staff.

This is to manage student growth and facility needs, according to the district.

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