The Killeen Independent School District will offer an all-day prekindergarten program for 3-year-old children living at Fort Hood.

The district’s board of trustees voted 7-0 Tuesday night to partner with Fort Hood to move forward with creating the program, which will be run out of the seven elementary school campuses located on the federal installation.

“The district is very excited about the opportunity to offer pre-k 3-year-old services to our military family members on the installation,” said Robert Muller, the district’s superintendent. “We know and understand the value of investing early in a child’s education.”

The program will only be open to children who live on post in the attendance zones of the seven schools. Each school will include two classrooms, with one certified teacher and one educational aide per classroom. Each classroom will serve 15 children.

“The children will have the opportunity to interact with certified teachers. ... and they will have a formal curriculum,” said Diana Miller, Killeen ISD’s chief academic officer.

The district’s administration will bring the curriculum for the program before the board for approval at its Nov. 12 regular meeting, and may hold a “roundup” event to sign up children as early as Saturday. The program is slated to begin Dec. 2.

The capacity to host the program at Fort Hood is partially the result of low enrollment at the district’s on-post schools. Recent data showed the district saw a more than 600-student decrease in those campuses from the previous school year.

“We’ve seen a considerable decrease in enrollment on these campuses, so we have the room,” Muller said.

The prekindergarten 3-year-old program on post will run in addition to prekindergarten classes the district operates for 4-year-old children at other campuses, both on and off post.

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T Teeter

This brings up several questions
1. Why is this only offered to military?
I understand supporting the troops and all, but there are a lot of low income families in Killeen that need this program more. I know someone will throw a fit and remind me of all that the military "does," "sacrifices" blah blah blah. This is Killeen, a good amount of the population is comprised of veterans(including myself), but the rest of us are stuck paying hundreds a month for daycare. Which leads to the next question
2.How is this being payed for?
The superintendent claims they have the "space" but where does the teacher's salary come from for an all day program at 7 schools. Essentially this is a slap in the face to tax payers who AREN'T in the military, yet WE will end up indirectly funding this.




why not do this for all the ids in the district

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