Students board buses home Tuesday, May 29 at Nolan Middle School.

After 56 years, Nolan Middle School in central Killeen is set to close its doors for good following the 2019-20 school year.

Nolan is the oldest middle school campus in the district, and is slated to be closed concurrent with the opening of the district’s 14th middle school, which will be located on Warriors Path near Pontotoc Trace in Harker Heights.

“It’s in a fast-growing area of the district and will help relieve overcrowding and let us get rid of trailer classrooms throughout the district,” Killeen ISD spokesman Terry Abbott said Friday.

At the middle school level, 69 portable buildings are currently in use, a number the district sought out to diminish with the passing of the bond project in May.

With the closing of Nolan, its students will be rezoned to nearby schools, with most students going to Manor Middle School, 1700 South WS Young Drive, 1.2 miles from the Nolan campus.

According to Abbott, the district plans to rezone all middle schools when the new campus opens in the fall of 2020.

“With the new middle school, we will rezone at a number of middle schools to level out enrollments and provide nice, tight, close attendance zones,” Abbott said.

The current zone for Nolan Middle School stretches from Fort Hood Street to Trimmier Road, and from Stan Schlueter Loop to beyond Rancier Avenue.

new school to call nolan site home

When KISD passed a bond in May, it included a plan for consolidating Pershing Park Elementary, Sugar Loaf Elementary and a portion of the population of Bellaire Elementary in a new campus on the existing site of Pershing Park.

The bond program also included $21 million for the expansion and renovation of the existing Clifton Park Elementary School campus, which would serve to consolidate Clifton Park Elementary School with the remaining portion of Bellaire Elementary’s population.

However, at a school board Workshop in September, KISD Superintendent John Craft presented an alternate option, based on updated project cost estimates, which would provide a new replacement campus located on land that is now the existing Nolan Middle School athletics field. This new campus will house the entire Clifton Park and Bellaire populations.

District officials said that because construction timelines on many of the consolidated elementary school projects had been accelerated, a $10 million savings in construction costs from those projects was available for use on the new Clifton Park/Bellaire Elementary Replacement School project. This money will also be supplemented with about $9 million from the district’s existing Strategic Facility Plan budget, according to KISD.

Because a new facility will be constructed rather than renovating the existing Clifton Park Elementary School facility, there will be no disruptions to the existing Clifton Park Elementary School and no need for a temporary swing campus (which would have been the closed Nolan Middle School building), according to school board discussion during the Sept. 18 meeting. This project is expected to open in the fall of 2021, at which time both Clifton Park and Bellaire Elementary schools will be decommissioned.

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