Killeen Independent School District board members earlier this month approved a 10-year internet contract with Unite Private Networks worth about $8.1 million.

Currently, the district is on the last months of its contract with Time Warner Cable, which provides internet at all KISD buildings. The new contract with Unite Private Networks will begin in late June and run through June of 2028.

Unite Private Networks is an internet provider from Kansas City, Mo., and was one of over 20 considered companies.

The contract proposal was approved at the May 9 school board meeting.

During a presentation to the board, Helen Mowers, KISD’s executive director for technology services, said teachers expressed frustration with the current internet speeds on campus and that Unite Private Networks is offering a bigger and more efficient internet network that has the ability to handle the current KISD campuses as well additional buildings that could be added in the next decade.

The district is set to end its internet contract with Time Warner Cable on June 30, 2018, and has been paying $62,786.50 per month ($753,438 annually) for the current services.

Under the new contract, the district will pay $68,985 per month ($827,820 annually) for what Mowers said is a “much faster and efficient option.”

Other companies considered included: Century Link, Conterra, LightStream Networks, Netsync+ Zayo and Spectrum. While all of these companies offered great options for internet service, Mowers said the most affordable and faster service was with Unite Private Networks.

According to district officials, Unite Private Networks fiber network offers a much better broadband speed that should help prevent internet lagging that teachers say is a problem during peak hours.

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