The Killeen Independent School District board of trustees will continue discussion of the fiscal year 2018 budget during a workshop meeting in the district’s administration building Tuesday.

KISD Chief Financial Officer Megan Bradley said in March that budget planning generally begins in December and is expected to be completed and approved by board members in August.

Bradley said the district had an estimated general fund amount of $371.2 million based on a projected 0.84 percent student growth increase and a 1.5 percent estimated property value growth, but the $371.2 million general fund amount could change or be adjusted before being approved by the board.

During the meeting the school board will also discuss selecting a new electric service provider and proposed changes to the district’s policy on nonschool use of school facilities.

Also on the agenda are employee compensation and benefits, employment requirements and restrictions, and additional staffing allotments for the upcoming school year.

The workshop meeting begins 6 p.m. at the KISD administration building, 200 N. W.S. Young Drive, in Killeen. | 254-501-7553

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Will not be much of a Budget now, since the letter Mrs. Teel recived from Lan Carter.
1. Here is the link to see it for yourself.
2. Here is what it said: Quoted: Lan Carter Member of BACKDOORDRAFT DEMOCRATES GROUP I am not sure what happened between Ms. Jones and yourself, but I agree with your assessment of her. She is a member of a anti human trafficking organization out of Waco, which one I do not know. When I asked her for more info about it, she basically blew me off. Just curious why do you believe she is a part of hate groups? I do know she has a pro-black agenda in getting people of color elected. Are you planning to run again? I hope you do, I found your spunk refreshing. Why not an at large position? I'm not sure why you dislike Ms. Fleming either, however I did catch the video of her supporter giving false info. Now, that would have had me ticked, but did you ever talk to Fleming about it? The reason I ask is because I can't tell you what my volunteers have done when not in my presence. I would hope they wouldn't play dirty. I don't agree with what he said or did and I would have reported it to the Ethics Commission as well. I'm asking you all these questions because if you plan to run in the future, you shouldn't leave yourself open to where people find reasons to say negative things about your character. Wish you the best and hope you continue making a difference.

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