A look at potential projects to be included on the Killeen Independent School District’s possible bond issue is on the agenda for the KISD bond steering committee tonight.

Among those projects are three new elementary schools and a new middle school, all listed on the district’s Strategic Facility Plan. A new high school estimated to cost $173 million, and a new stadium predicted to cost $50 million are listed as “additional considerations” on the Strategic Facility Plan.

Renovations and repairs to older school buildings in the district could possibly be included as part of the bond issue.

The total of all projects under consideration amounts to nearly $500 million, however, the district has not said what the bond amount could be. KISD wants to the put the bond to voters in May.

Tonight’s bond steering committee’s agenda includes a presentation about how school finance works and an overview of KISD finances. Tax impact scenarios and the district’s bonding capacity will be discussed.

The 52 committee members will break into small groups for part of the discussion, then share ideas as a large group, with a question and answer period available.

Questions from the public and comments about the bond issue can be submitted on the special website created for the bond steering committee:

Videos of the bond steering committee meetings, and documents presented at the meetings, are also available on the website.

The bond steering committee meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at East Ward Elementary School, 1608 E. Rancier Ave.

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Saying NO to any question never hurts you. Saying NO to every money grab and $CAM keep$ YOUR money in your bank account & wallet. Just say NO to any demand for new taxes.


Lmao :) No Matter how you push it, no matter how many times you get KDHnews to print this inert stories about this bond., we the tax paying home owners in Killeen can not afford this. BTW even the millennials are buying smaller homes and condos because they themselves are penny pinching and rather have convenience and are tending to buy in more rural areas right now. Home ownership for them is on the rise, yet they want to be close to a job and not commute, they want to ride their bicycles to work.
So keep shoveling the dung, you can't fool the Killeen citizens any more. They have been fooled long enough, while their pockets go empty and your pockets get fatter, don't mean they will not get sick of it.
I guess the Home owners can eat cake, if that quote don't make sense well once again proof KISD Schools have failed.

I will not vote for this bond, oh no I will not Sam I am
I will not be fooled, oh no I will not, Sam I am
I will not go with out, for your foolish spending, Sam I am

Vote no send a message, that we will no longer allow the wasteful spending or hard earned money, Vote No let them understand education means books, teachers pay, and Gang Free schools.
Vote let our so called Leaders understand we will not be treated as slave labor while they sit and dine on lobster, and vacation like Kings and queens.

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