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Matt Gamble, research assistant for Baselice & Associates of Austin, reviews data collected during the community survey on the KISD bond issue during the bond steering committee meeting Thursday night at Roy J. Smith Middle School.

The Killeen school bond steering committee recommended $426 million in new construction and renovations from the options given them by Killeen Independent School District officials.

That’s the amount of money the committee suggests will be put to voters in May 2018 on a bond issue that would be repaid by property tax owners in the school district that includes Killeen, Harker Heights, Nolanville, etc.

The committee’s recommendation came after considerable input from the 48 committee members present; a voice vote confirmed unanimous approval recommending the bond issue be presented to the KISD Board of Trustees at its Dec. 12 meeting.

If the bond amount is approved, the approximate annual property tax impact for the owner of a $143,000 home would be about $244, over the 30-year payback period of the bond, according to Baselice & Associates, the Austin-based company that conducted a survey on support for a potential bond package for the district. A homestead was not figured in the calculations.

Here are the expenditures selected by the committee from Superintendent John Craft’s menu:

• Renovations to bring existing campuses into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and address security/safety issues

• New high school to open for 2022-2023 school year

• Consolidation of East Ward and West Ward elementary schools with construction of a new East Ward school

• Consolidation of Pershing Park and Sugar Loaf elementary schools, with partial rezoning of Bellaire Elementary School, and construction of a new Pershing Park school

• New elementary school to open for 2022-2023 school year

• Renovate and expand Clifton Park Elementary School, with partial rezoning of Bellaire Elementary School

• Renovations to Killeen High School

Tuesday’s announcement by the Killeen City Council that the city is exploring the possibility of calling for a bond election on May 5, 2018 — the same date as the potential KISD bond — sparked a few comments from the bond steering committee members, and a response from John Craft, KISD superintendent.

Craft acknowledged that he had been discussing plans involving Chaparral Road with Harker Heights, Killeen and Bell County officials for “well over three years.”

Matt Gamble, research assistant for Baselice & Associates of Austin, gave a presentation on the community survey the firm conducted on behalf of KISD between Nov. 16 and 26.

Of the 25,000 to 30,000 phone numbers Baselice accessed for the survey, the questions Gamble outlined during his presentation were answered by 401 residents of the district.

That number is far less than 1 percent of Killeen’s population, and the total population of KISD, which includes Harker Heights and Nolanville.

The survey results, according to Gamble, included a 4.9 percent margin of error, as well.

The purpose of the survey, Gamble said, was “to assess current levels of support and opposition to a $500 million bond proposal.”

Baselice described the survey methodology as follows:

“The survey was conducted via telephone (45% cellphone and 55% landline). The survey began by asking respondents if they were registered voters. Only those who answered ‘yes’ were permitted to continue. Sample regions were created using ZIP codes. The desired number of respondents within each sample region was established using an average of voter registration and turnout figures. Gender target response numbers were established with each region consistent with voter registration and turnout.

“Results were slightly weighted within the regions for age, race/ethnicity and usual voter behavior to ensure the sample is reflective of Killeen ISD voters.

“Killeen ISD has a Republican to Democrat ratio of 0.99. This was calculated using the base GOP vote (45.01%) and base Democrat vote (45.51%) over the last two general elections (2106 and 2014). The survey contained 41.1% GOP voters and 42.9% Democrat voters equating to a ratio of 0.96. The racial/ethnic breakdown of Killeen ISD voters was calculated using a blend of census figures and voter turnout.”

Members of the military stationed at Fort Hood, who may not be registered to vote in the district but whose children attend KISD schools, were not considered part of the survey’s random sampling.

“This was a survey of registered voters, the people who would be voting on any proposed bond issue,” Abbott said. “The survey was of voters since they are the ones who will be making the final decision.”

Though registered voters will determine if KISD’s bond issue passes, many other residents of the district will be impacted by that decision.

Military personnel assigned to Fort Hood and others who rent apartments or homes in the district may not be registered voters in Bell County. They could see increased rents due to a hike in property taxes caused by the KISD bond issue.

These residents were not considered for inclusion in Baselice’s survey regarding the bond issue, according to Abbott.

Thursday’s bond steering committee meeting — the fourth and final meeting scheduled — was held at Roy J. Smith Middle School.

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@Alvin you right! So is snowwhite


State of Texas got in on the deal, they moved their DMV to the RIGHT side of town, too. The wrong people protested, but the KING said ignore it, HE's got it all under control. Fort Hood, well Fort Hood is stuck on the wrong side, kind of, maybe for now. But, West Fort Hood could become Fort Hood NORTH, closing down Fort Hood, or maybe it;'ll become a prison operated by TDCJ. Wrong side of town is falling down, but the old KING he just don't care no more. He's got maney to make, palms to be greased. BTW, what hasn't much been said about the city buying the church from the RIGHT people for $3,000,000 which was only worth $1,000,000. Have you checked what that church on the RIGHT side of town is worth?


Can anyone tell me what the RIGHT people have left on the WRONG side of town?
Let me help. The RIGHT people built themselves a magnificent waterpark and rec center on the RIGHT side of town.But, there is that football palace named after a RIGHT person sitting next to KHS. You see that is not on the RIGHT side of town, which is why a new magnificent stadium palace will be built on the RIGHT side of town, leaving the formerly right stadium by KHS to be sued by the wrong people.
You gotta give that old KING of KILLeen his due, he takes care of RIGHT people, don't he? LMFAO The wrong side of town has IGA and and old HEB. The police station is no longer in use, because the REAL police moved to the RIGHt side of town. Of course the kangaroo court remains on the wrong side, but that'll change soon, maybe. Of course, city hall is moving, the garbage dept already left to the RIGHT side of town. The poor old airport, well its on the RIGHT side, as is that useless Texas A&M Centex thingy, gotta keep it all RIGHT, doncha know.


The betters who rule KILLeen knew what they were doing when they built a police HQ on the RIGHT side of town. They knew more when a high school was built on the RIGHT side of town for the kids of the RIGHT people. The land was bought from the KING of KILLeen on which these things were built for the RIGHT people. The leaders of the RIGHT people added a few not so right people to keep them occupied with lots of this and that and back and forth. To make it all LQQK better, they got a pretend CoP to keep the sham going. Soon there will be a new city hall on the land on the right side of town. Meanwhile more distractions will occupy the wrong people who inquire about the RIGHT side of town. One only has to recall the church bought from the RIGHT people who built their new church on the RIGHT side of town. The betters have a natural barrier to keep the WRONG people away from the RIGHT side of town, I-14, aka Hwy 190, better known as the HIGHWAY of death. These RIGHT people are geniuses to get away with this stuff. They held a SHAM recall to calm the WRONG people from complaining lead by their hand picked detractor, who claimed he'd serve ONE term, if elected. We all know how that turned out, RIGHT. You see, the WRONG people can be made into RIGHT people with the blessing of the KING of KILLeen, or even made into a pretend CoP of REAL KILLeen PD.


This is the personal opinion of this writer.

@UT Fan: Not sure why you think that @eyewatchingu: can think that 'only rich kids get to go to the new school. In my opinion, 'what difference does it make when Ellison, Heights or Shoemaker opened the doors for the first time'????

The gist of the conversation, and @eyewatchingu: you can correct me at any time, but the whole matter is the timing and constant changing of the pricing structure of what is to be provided by whom and to whom.

I believe I can say that there has been a total and complete fiasco of what is to be provided where and we still don't know do we.

This newspaper throws out numbers like they are picking stars out of the sky; 'Oh there's one, there's another, and the numbers,in my opinion, are meaningless.

We have been through this exercise before, using random numbers, of $350 million, then it was $500 million, then it was $700 million, then it was $487 million, and now the number is $426 million and now the city council has just announced that they've marginalized the down grade of the amount that is required as a safety margin and want to include another bond issue that 'IS' in support of your school bond issue.

Question: 'Do you think that people who will be supporting your bond issue are stupid'????

It is my opinion that the new water infrastructure, the 3,750 new homes, the new planning commission that has weekly announced the plans for new home construction, one that the city council has relinquished this to the new planning commission, and so on, all of this activity is solely for utilization of property that resides outside of the city limits. Now if you want to debate what is in and what is out of the city limits proper, considering how many of the new homes will be in the city limits and how many will be outside of the city limits. I believe that @eyewatchingu: is talking about.

What are the plans for the city of Killeen being based upon, the city of Killeen or the boundary's containing the South side inclusive.

Why does this school board and executive committee not come prepared to visit a bond issue that would include a realistic estimate of cost???? Everything is broad based with a range that does not include 'just what is to be included in the features of this new school'.

Again, the new roadway is for the increase in traffic, including a bridge over the creek, that is in support of new housing and housing that is outside of the city boundary's, so why would you people expect that 'this is a respected feature???? What about the rest of Killeen including the North, East, and west areas of town, not only the embellishment of the South side.

I say 'wake up and smell the roses'.

I for one will not vote on any bond issues that are in support of 'The South Side' until you can say that 'this is a citywide proposal, not only in support of the housing that resides outside of the city boundary's proper'.

This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.

UT Fan

@ eyewatchingu KISD sets zones for each new school based on the location of the school. The new high school land was purchased several years ago in anticipation of growth to the southern part of the district. It is out by Chaparral and Featherline area. Students in that area will be zoned to the school. Not sure why you think rich kids only get to go to a new school. Did you think that when Ellison opened, or Heights or Shoemaker?



My question is, will they be busing the kids from dist 1 to this new 150 million dollar school. Or will only the privileged kids get to go to this over priced school?

How will a new high school built by the MUdd and police dept help the lower income kids?

Will parents have a choice if they live in other dist t send their kids to this high dollar pie in the sky school, or will only the rich kids get to use this school?

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