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Speakers Yvonnilda Muniz and Olivia Ruiz discuss learning and behavioral disabillities during the Luke McGrew Special Education Seminar on May 19, 2018, at Texas A&M University Central Texas.

This fall, 20 new teachers and dyslexia assessors should be in place to provide faster diagnosis for students with dyslexia — and faster support for their learning — in the Killeen Independent School District.

The district announced in May it plans to hire 20 new teachers and dyslexia assessors starting next year to improve the district’s program.

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I have been teaching kids who have been diagnosed as dyslexic by experts since 2004. Almost all my students could read in Malay which uses the same 26 alphabets as does English but could hardly read a sentence in English.
I became interested to find the real cause of why such smart kids could read in one language which uses the same alphabets as another and yet unable to read in the other language.
After a few years of observing and ‘interviewing’ such kids I wrote on the internet and in my blog in 2010, challenging the more than 35 year old theory that dyslexia is caused by phonological awareness deficit.
Now, that theory has been debunked. A new theory that dyslexia is caused by light reflectors in the eyes is the cause of dyslexia has surfaced.

I have discovered that most of the kids classified as dyslexic are shut down /disengaged kids who disengage from learning to read because of confusion as a result of wrong teaching.
I have just published a book on why kids shut down. It is backed up with corroborative evidence.
You may buy the book on Amazon under the title: Shut Down Kids.
Please read that book and pass the information to others so that together we may reduce illiteracy.

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