HARKER HEIGHTS — The annual Knight Club performances rocked the Harker Heights High School’s auditorium Friday and Saturday nights.

The Knight Club 2014, which had 37 acts, featured live bands from across the state as well as a professional light show. The show not only gave students an opportunity to sing and dance, but also let them pick the country, pop, R&B and rock numbers they wanted to perform.

Before the show, excitement buzzed in the lobby where concert T-shirts were sold with Knight Club logos on fronts reminiscent of the band Van Halen.

“The top acts have always been the same level of quality, but the acts from top to bottom keep pushing up higher and higher. So (even) our worst act is just phenomenal this year. We’ve got three hours of in-your-face amazingness,” said Tommy Haygood, choir director.

Proceeds go to the choir booster club and pay for choir activities and scholarships.

After auditioning 625 acts, Haygood and his assistant Peter Emerson narrowed the show to 37 acts with solos, duets, trios, big ensemble numbers and dance productions.

“We’re really taking our production level up to match real rock concerts, and we’ve got video going in about a third of the songs,” Haygood said.

An engineered system streamed hazers, fog machines and light effects over the audience and performers on stage.

A new feature this year was the rotating center stage, where the horn and saxophone sections sat in some numbers, and for other songs, where singers and dancers emerged, appearing to come out of nowhere.

“They are likely never to get a chance to do something like this the rest of their lives, so I’m really glad to offer them this opportunity,” Haygood said. “It’s an amazing opportunity for these kids to perform this level of music, with this level of a band and technical engineering.”

Heights junior Aalyssia Driver said she enjoyed the show and thought all of the songs were “amazing.”

Daniel Tidwell, one of many Heights middle school students who attended the show, said he was surprised to hear so much of the ’70s and ’80s rock and pop music he enjoys. His favorite song of the night was “Hungry Like the Wolf.”

Audience favorite and junior Zane Wilson, sang, danced and played parts in 11 different acts.

“It’s amazing, and it’s amazing to be in,” said senior Sarah Jimenez. “It’s actually the prep work that I look the most forward to. It’s all the months of preparation that you bring together and then you put on an amazing show with people you love.”

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