The Killeen Independent School District board of trustees will meet in closed session tonight for consultation with the district’s legal counsel regarding the lawsuit filed by Kevin Gable on Feb. 25, 2016. That lawsuit is pending in federal court in Waco.

A Killeen resident, Gable alleged in the lawsuit the school district failed to take steps to address what he called years of harassment against his daughter.

Other girls were also subjected to what Gable termed a “daily sex game” at Rancier Middle School.

Former Rancier principal Amanda Silkitt claimed the harassment was “just something boys do.”

Gable’s lawsuit seeks to have KISD ordered to adopt an anti-bullying and harassment program as provided by a third party, as well as monetary damages for the mental anguish and physical impairment Gable’s daughter continues to suffer.

Another item on the KISD board agenda, slated for the open portion of the meeting, involves deliberation and possible action regarding Gable’s lawsuit and its proposed resolution.

When contacted, Martin Cirkiel, the attorney representing Gable, had no comment on this development in the case.

KISD personnel were unable to make a statement about the lawsuit, because it involves pending litigation.

class-size waivers

Requests for class-size waivers are also on tonight’s KISD board agenda.

The most recent rezoning of elementary schools, as reported in the Killeen Daily Herald on Nov. 19, was meant to reduce the need for class-size waivers at the kindergarten through fourth-grade levels. This applied mostly to schools in the vicinity of the newly opened Alice W. Douse Elementary School.

Of the schools near Douse, only Trimmier Elementary is currently seeking a class-size waiver for one additional student in the third-grade bilingual class.

Skipcha Elementary School in Harker Heights was part of a rezoning area approved by the KISD board at the same meeting mentioned in the Daily Herald report. For the 2017-18 school year, a class waiver is being requested for one additional student in fourth grade.

Other elementary schools seeking class-size waivers:

Joseph A. Fowler Elementary — seven additional students in third grade.

Harker Heights Elementary — three additional students in the second grade bilingual class.

Ira Cross Elementary — three additional students in the first grade.

Cavazos Elementary School — one additional student in fourth grade.

West Ward Elementary — one additional student in first grade.

“KISD has worked hard to keep its elementary classroom sizes small to ensure a strong learning environment,” said Terry Abbott, chief communications officer for the district.

The goal is to keep class sizes for kindergarten through fourth grade at 22 students or fewer per class, according to Abbott.

“All totaled, in 842 classrooms, we are over the 22-student threshold by just 17 students,” Abbott said.

Other agenda items for the board include reviews of the first day of school and Monday’s Freedom Walk at Killeen High School.

The board will vote to approve a proposal for the district’s dental insurance plan for 2018.

The board members will perform an annual review of KISD’s policy regarding purchasing and acquisition, among other business.

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