Plans by the Killeen Independent School District to build locker rooms for athletes at the Hood Stadium Complex hit a snag Tuesday, and raised concerns over whether or not the project will be completed before scheduled high school football games begin at the facility in July.

Killeen Deputy Superintendent John Craft told Killeen school board members at a workshop meeting Tuesday that the district would need to negotiate and approve a lease with Fort Hood before it could move forward with a planned $330,000 addition to the stadium, which would add locker room facilities for home and away teams. The $13.5 million stadium opened last year.

Currently the district only has a “memorandum of understanding” with Fort Hood, which allows it to use the 5,500-seat facility for games. However, the Texas Education Code states that school districts cannot spend funds for the design, construction or renovation of improvements to property that they do not own or lease.

The board was set to vote to approve the project at an April 9 meeting, tacking the project’s cost on to the construction of KISD’s 33rd elementary school as a change order, but the item was pulled from the agenda before any vote was taken.

“We need the lease to commence construction,” Craft said.

The district already leases property at Fort Hood for a number of on-post schools. While the district can still negotiate a lease and move forward with the project, the delay comes as the district is set to host nine high school football games at the stadium beginning around the Fourth of July weekend and Fort Hood’s annual Freedom Fest. Craft said the challenge would be getting a lease negotiated and the project built in time for the games.

“The concern we have is timeliness,” he said.

Board members mulled alternatives, from changing the date of games and hosting them at KISD’s Leo Buckley Stadium, to having athletes dress out in tents or off-site facilities if the additions were not complete.

“We are talking about 5A football ... it would be very unusual for that to happen with a 5A football program,” said Robert Muller, KISD superintendent.

Board member Corbett Lawler voiced concerns about the project’s overall cost. “I just don’t know if I’m comfortable about spending that much money on something that we lease,” Lawler said.

As of Tuesday, district officials said they were in the process of negotiating a lease with Fort Hood. The board has not voted on the matter, and no games scheduled to take place at the stadium complex at Fort Hood have been canceled or changed as of Tuesday.

“We’re hoping that it does work out and we do get this thing executed so we can move forward,” Muller said.

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Amen, busybody....on top of that, why did the district give fort hood money to help build it to turn around and foot a bill for $22,000 for rent to play the 3 games that were played out there? why is the district renting when it already owns a perfect stadium with plenty of dressing spaces and public facilities? WHY is it being considered when in the same meetings they are discussing getting rid of the longevity stipend to save money? If the district needs to save money then don't take it away from the teachers to waste on a facility that doesn't even belong to the district.

If the district needs to save money then the district should stop paying for the superintendents golf fees (in his contract viewable on the district website). the district should also have the "professional" personnel clock in and out along with the hourly personnel (specially the ones at central office). its the professionals making 70,000 and above not the hourly people steeling from the district its the professionals going to austin to go shopping or going to get their hair and nails done or spending the day on the golf coarse.

I don't know why they are so worried about football on thursday nights. there are basketball, volleyball, and baseball games that go until 9 or 10 pm on mondays tuesdays and friday nights. there are concerts that take place until 8:30 or 9 on mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays. i've heard of a choir rehearsal going until 11pm or later. don't forget about the sub-varsity games that happen on wednesday and thursday nights. and when any of the teams travel to out of town during the week or weekend they're getting back at the same time or later then a thursday night football game at a stadium we own and is perfectly fine for everyone.

I hope that Mr. Lawler isn't the only one on the board that is against this because it's not the districts property.

early voting starts monday.


I cannot believe that this actually is being discussed, using tents for locker rooms? Killeen I..S.D. is a 5A school district, and as you travel around and look at other 5A districts in our area, Copperas Cove, Belton, Temple just to name a few. This is ridiculous and embarrasing. We have a perfectly good stadium called Leo Buckley Stadium that is capable of playing on Thursday nights, Friday nights and or Saturdays. There is no need to spend another dime on a stadium out at Fort Hood with Taxpayers money to the tune of 330,000 dollars when that money can be spent and should be spent to improve the facillities at Harker Heights High School, Ellison High School and Shoemaker High School. If you approve money spent there and not on your campuses that are directly in Killeen ISD then you people have no business being on a school board. Look at other districts that have multiple schools San Antonio Dallas Austin Round Rock all come to mind. They play Thursday night Games, two games on Fridays and a lot of games on Saturday. No questions asked. Wake up! The stadium out on Fort Hood and playing games out there was a novelty last year but not a necessity. Even West Point who had Scheduled their spring game out there backed out of it. Why should we have to put our kids out there in a stadium that is not even in some case equal to a 2A facility so that twe can say that we are partnered with Fort Hood.

The reasons given do not make sense. Do not want Thursday games because kids get home late? Well how about the basketball teams that play on Tuesday nights and Friday nights? How about baseball, softball and soccer that play on Tuesday nights and Friday nights? No one wants Saturday gaames because no administrators want to work on Saturdays after spending Monday through Friday with the kids at school, and seeing how they are not paid nearly enough for that, I can't say that I blame them. Play Thursday night games and be done with it.

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