NAACP Youth Council banquet

Robert Muller, superintendent of the Killeen ISD speaks during the second annual Killeen NAACP Youth Council Banquet on Saturday, February 16, 2013, at the Killeen Community Center. Muller was among 25 men and women honored by the council's "Youth Eyes on Killeen" project for their outstanding leadership and contributions to the city of Killeen.

Killeen Independent School District Superintendent Robert Muller has been appointed to serve on the board of a national organization.

The National Association of Federally Impacted Schools announced Friday that Muller was named the director of Region 5. The organization is nonprofit, nonpartisan and made up of school districts throughout the United States, with the goal of ensuring the needs of federally connected school children are met with adequate federal funds.

“It’s always important to get new people on our board,” said John Forkenbrock, the organization’s executive director. “(Muller) brings with him a wealth of experience and ideas I know our association will benefit from.”

Muller will remain Killeen’s superintendent in conjunction with his voluntary duties as the Region 5 director, and will serve alongside 13 school district officials from around the country as a NAFIS board member. Some of those duties will include establishing and reviewing major policy and plans of the association.

“NAFIS is such a strong advocate for children and the resources so critical to creating high-quality learning experiences for students,” Muller said. “I consider serving on the board a great honor.”

A large part of the work the organization does involves educating Congress on the importance of Impact Aid, which provides funds to make up for property tax revenue lost when a school district covers federal land. Schools on or near military installations or Native American tribal land qualify for Impact Aid.

With cuts to federal funding through sequestration, protecting Impact Aid has become an increasingly important issue for districts, including Killeen.

According to the Associated Press, Killeen ISD could lose an estimated $2.6 million this school year as a result of sequestration.

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