NOLANVILLE — One Killeen Independent School District principal went above and beyond the call of duty Friday when she puckered up and kissed a pig in front of the school’s students.

Nolanville Elementary School Principal Gabriela Morgan made good on her promise to students that she would kiss a pig after her school wrapped up a record-breaking drive to get students to read more often.

“Reading is obviously a very important part of education,” Morgan said. “We wanted to find a way to motivate the students to get into the library and read.”

In September, Morgan challenged the school’s students to hit a target goal of 30,000 “points” via the Accelerated Reader program, which allows children to read books and take comprehension quizzes on what they have read for the chance to earn points.

Morgan said she set a goal of having at least 100 students who individually earned 100 points.

“By January, the numbers just weren’t there,” Morgan said. “So, I said that if we can get to 30,000 points and more than 100 100-point readers, then I would kiss a pig.”

As she prepared to make good on her promise in front of a cafeteria full of students, teachers and parents, Nolanville Elementary School passed the 30,000-mark and honored 109 students as “100-point” readers.

As an additional result of the school’s push to get students reading, Nolanville’s library also had the highest circulation of any elementary school in the Killeen district for the 2012-2013 school year.

“That’s more than 350 books being checked out or turned in every day,” Morgan said. “This is something we worked very hard for, and we are all very excited.”

The school also was selected to host a summer reading program in June.

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