Three out of four Killeen hIgh schools failed a statewide school performance evaluation, according to results released Sunday.

Ellison, Shoemaker and Killeen high schools each received an “F” grade, with all three schools ranked among the 200 lowest scoring Texas high schools in the Children at Risk annual study.

Harker Heights High School fared the best in the Killeen Independent School District, receiving a passing “C” grade and ranking 745 out of 1,376 high schools across the state.

Copperas Cove High School scored slightly below average, receiving a “C-” grade and a ranking of 878.

Lampasas High School performed very well, receiving an “A” grade and ranking 147. Lometa High School performed poorly, receiving a “D” grade.

For more than a decade, Children at Risk — a Texan, nonpartisan research organization — has released school rankings so the public can better understand school performance.

The ranking system is based on a number of indicators including student achievement on STAAR reading and math tests, campus performance, growth index and college readiness.

The study includes elementary and middle schools.

According to the study, Killeen and Copperas Cove elementary schools fared better than middle school and high schools in those districts.

In the Lampasas and Lometa independent school districts, schools in Lampasas ranked better than those in Lometa.

Killeen elementary school performances took a small dip this year when compared to last year. Seven elementary schools received an “A” rank in 2017 as opposed to nine in 2016, six schools received a “B” rank, 10 received a rank of “C”, six received a “D” rating, and two schools — Sugar Loaf and West Ward — received a rank of “F.” The elementary schools were ranked against a total of 4,044 from across the state.

Copperas Cove elementary schools performed a bit better than Killeen elementary schools with Martin Walker receiving an “A+” ranking. Three other schools received a “B” rating and two scored a “C.”

Lampasas elementary schools performed nearer to the middle of the road, this year with one receiving a “B” ranking, “one receiving a “C,” and two receiving “D” ratings.

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This the personal opinion of this writer.
The only thing that is for sure is death and taxes.
Copy: 'If you wait five years to get a new scoreboard, it will be much, much more expensive.' End of copy.
Have you noticed auto's and trucks, dealers are now offering up to $14,000 dollars off. Did you see that 5 years ago?
Groceries in the market The prices are up and the volumetric quantities are continuing to go down.. Mow there is a lose - lose proposition if you ever saw one.
And did you by chance take a glance at:
Copy: '3 of 4 Killeen high schools fail in recent study.' End of copy.
Do you still want to pursue this line of comments????
It is my belief that the curriculum of a school is much more important than a flashy scoreboard, but I guess you don't think so.
One of the4.58 $ who voted.

Pharon Enochs

The following comments are indeed the opinions of Pharon Enochs Move along folks nothing to see here. Not at all important so the information was released on a Sunday. Now let's get to the really important issue a million dollar fancy sign. It is a "must" issue. KISD education scores are low so will they be posted on the big bright sign as school announcements ? Will the special education program receive any attention on the big sign, after all one might consider this a school announcement ? My choice for spokesperson about the special education program would be Rainwater. He could do a spot announcement on the big sign. He was very vocal about the cost of cameras in the special needs classrooms. A million big ones a drop in the bucket, so tax payers suck it up you buttercups the educated folks in this community know a great deal more than us ordinary folks on how to waste taxpayer's money. Well shucks the graduating students can list on their college application, I attended a high school which had a million dollar sign. I can just bet big named institutions will be impressed. They might be so impressed and offer a full scholarship to all students who apply which included a note about the big fancy sign. Those who choose to seek jobs rather than go to college might also include a note about attending KISD and the big sign. They might even be offered top level jobs if employers are impressed about the sign. I believe the silent majority are beginning to wake up and understand such outlandish waste of their money is certainly not in their interest. It might boost to someone's ego or add fluff to their vanity but certainly does not do anything to enhance any of the failing problems within KISD or to advance the quality of educational achievements of the students. There is one way certain to stop what I perceive a waste of money and it would be an easy fix. The silent majority need to react at the ballot box and impose their own form of term limits on school board members. Perhaps follow the steps of what President Trump plans to do and that is Drain The Swamp. God bless America, President Trump and John Wayne wherever he may be.


Hmm, I remember someone running for city council talked out a lot about this, hmmm what was her name. MRS TEEL ! Seems to me she was right and would agree with MAJAG89, pig in the poke, and the Magic Rabbit in the hat trick.
See tomorrow night there is a city council meeting, I personally feel its time people pick up those protest signs and let our city know what we think.
Rather your there to speak out about the aduit, or if your their because your sick of your children get the raw end of the stick when it comes to getting a fair and decent education. If your sick of the gangs in our schools, or gangs in the street, if your sick of the crime or just plain sick of the rain water ending up in your home because of bad infrastructure. Its time write it on a sign, and stand in front of city Hall on the side walk, obey the law and be peaceful.
Tuesday at 5 pm its time to stand up for our selves and the future of Killeen Tc and the Kids, this can no longer be aloud. No Matter if your Dem. Or Rep. Its time to drain the swamp and refill it stocked with good health and strong fish.


Pay no attention to this "quasi-education" results. These are not results related to KISD core mission.
Hey look over there at our shiny new scoreboard!!!! Ain't she a beaut? Got her for a steal at just over a MILLION dollars.

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