A Killeen parent is raising concerns that the bus his daughter takes to school each morning is so overcrowded that some students are forced to sit on the floor in the aisles.

Sean Jacobs said he began to worry after his daughter, a Killeen High School student, told him students were sitting three to a seat and even in the aisles during their daily ride to school on the No. 474 bus.

“When I saw kids sitting on the floor, that’s when I really started to get concerned,” Jacobs said. “It just isn’t safe.”

A Sept. 11 photo Jacobs sent to the Herald shows the inside of a bus full of students, many of whom appear to be sitting in the aisle of the bus. Jacobs said Wednesday overcrowding on the bus has been an issue since the beginning of the school year, which started in late August.

“It was pretty bad, and it was not a very comfortable ride,” said Amber Jacobs, a KHS junior and Jacobs’ daughter. “Last year, we had some problems, but they were taken care of very quickly. This is the first time it’s gone on this long.”

In a written statement issued Wednesday, the Killeen Independent School District said the problem had been reported and was being resolved.

“The driver reported 57 to 59 riders on some days and we began the process to identify and reroute a bus with the capacity to transport the students,” the statement read. “This process began last week and an adjustment has been made — an additional bus was identified for the students.”

According to information from the district, the rated capacity for the majority of Killeen ISD buses is 71 passengers, but that capacity was developed for elementary-age students. Anytime the ridership on a high school bus exceeds 52 to 54, the district begins to search for another bus to accommodate the overload.

According to the district’s statement, an additional bus was identified, and notifications were sent to the campus for the students concerned. The change is scheduled to start today.

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Wait a few weeks until after the drop outs start, plenty of room on the buses.

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

@ 6377, get use to being disappointed by KISD...it will be on going until your children graduate.

Be sure to be your child's advocate and be strong. Do not allow anyone at KISD make you feel insecure or that you don't have a voice.

If you have concerns, no matter how small they may seem...speak up and go up the chain of command if you need to.

As parents we must stand up and protect our children...


Reading this article makes me even more disappointed in the KISD. This year the KISD cut off transportation to and from Shoemaker HS for students living on Ft. Hood, due to rezoning. Which has made it very inconvenient for several families having to drop off and pick up students. There shouldn't be any issues with over crowding if they aren't providing buses for some Shoemaker students. One would think that they would have extra buses available. [sad]


As someone who just two days ago watched a Cove school bus run a red light at a super busy intersection, one that the bus went across 190 not parallel to..it doesn't surprise me that bus safety in this area isn't a priority.


I've read this article with much interest and I must say that the KSID must not be looking into this very deeply. As to who rides the bus, I am of the opinion that a questionnaire was sent out to the parents of each student who will be riding the bus. The bus driver should be provided with a copy of all eligible students. If students not authorized to ride the bus are on it, the bus driver should conduct a survey of who is eligible and who is not. If students/people who are not on the list, evacuate them from the bus. Problem solved right then and there. This should not be allowed to fester for 3 to 4 weeks before someone reports it to the news media for attention. If the news media had not gotten involved, would the problem have continued? I feel the KSID is at fault for not attending to this problem.

As to the number of people/students, it would be a simple matter to resolve. Count the number of seats available and multiply by two. This should be the maximum number of children allowed on the bus with no children sitting on the floor.


as the parent who brought this up and kisd statement says the driver reported 57/59 kids whom where on the bus why didn't they do something about it but after I talked to the bus people they said don't happen but would look into it yet nothing done till news 25 run a story WHY WAIT are this kids lives not important enough but same driver reported last year for speeding they did nothing they had there chance to fix it before news was involved I hope every parent is checking on there childs bus this must stop not just here but nation wide


Proud mother-I didn't think about that-your right-the school ID's should be marked with bus numbers. -no one should sit on the floor-that's a safety issue. I believe proud mom is onto a helpful solution.

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

Do bus driver(s) report to their supervisors when over crowding happens?

Are all the students that ride KISD's buses allowed? Do they live in an area that permits them to ride the bus or are they dropped off at the stop?

Maybe the over crowding is due to students riding the bus that don't live in that area.

How about KISD mark students ID's with the bus numbers..to show they belong on that bus....Just a thought.


I am shocked-This is totally UNACCEPTABLE. If the bus can't accommodate- 2 separate trips should be made. Unbelievable. A school district policy needs to be in place for the safe transport of students. Are there not state transportation laws about student safety on buses? In times of airbags and seat belts our kids are sitting on the floor of a bus? Good someone brought this to the attention of everyone. Hope this NEVER happens again. This shouldn't be happening in the 1st place. I am disappointed in our district.

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