Hot Shot

Billy Rhoads of Temple is seen Saturday morning at Yowell Ranch in Killeen, lining up his shot toward an airborne clay disk.

Not often do Saturday mornings at Yowell Ranch sound like a bag of popcorn turning in a microwave.

The pops and countless yelps of “pull!” could be heard all around the grassy fields over the weekend. More than a hundred people pulled into Yowell Ranch at 4248 E. Stagecoach Road for the first Bill Yowell Memorial Sporting Clays Tournament, organized by the Killeen ISD Education Foundation.

“There have been lots of enthusiastic, hunters and shooters,” director Joyce Hodson said through a barrage of gunshots. “Some are professionals, some are just good ol’ boys out to have a good time.”

The inaugural tournament was expected to raise upward to about $75,000 benefiting Killeen schools, Hodson said. Last year, the foundation distributed about $250,000 in teacher grants and scholarships, according to Hodson.

Hodson called the fundraiser the brainchild of outgoing foundation president Hal Schiffman, who was out shooting clays with Superintendent John Craft. The director said it was important to note the dedication to the late Bill Yowell.

Yowell was a Killeen businessman and civic leader, who was a veteran, a rancher, a former Killeen city councilman, a president of the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce and an advocate for education during his life.

“We are so happy they lent their name and their property for this event,” Hodson said. “We hope to build on this year and continue to grow it.”

Billy Rhoads came from Temple to support KISD. Rhoads is a retired Fort Hood fire chief.

“Education of the children is important, and if we can do anything to help out with education, that’s what it’s all about,” Rhoads said.

Contact 254-336-0181 or visit for more information on the KISD Education Foundation. | 254-501-7553

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