Killeen residents from all walks of life packed a meeting of the Killeen Independent School District’s board of trustees Tuesday night to make their case for naming the district’s 33rd elementary school.

The standing-room-only crowd filled the room, with more than 12 of them electing to speak during the meeting’s public forum to make their case for naming the school, which is set to open its doors to students for the 2014-2015 school year.

A large contingent of the crowd included teachers, parents and former students of Fowler Elementary School. The district is considering closing the small campus, sparking calls from the tight-knit Fowler community to transfer the name to the new campus.

“We can carry on this Fowler tradition at another building as long as we have the Fowler name,” said Renee Revis-Rice, who read a letter penned by the school’s teachers, staff and parents to board members. “We can become an even bigger school with an even bigger heart.”

Other speakers who advocated for Fowler at the meeting included former principal Becky Smith and Joseph Fowler’s son, Dr. Andy Fowler.

“To hear all the support of the legacy of my father, it does my heart good,” Fowler said.

Kimberly Hornsby also spoke to the trustees, and asked them to consider naming the school after her husband, Killeen police officer Robert Hornsby, who was killed in the line of duty in July.

“Bobby served his community with mercy, grace and integrity,” said Hornsby, after tearfully recounting the circumstances of her husband’s death. “I think it would do him a great honor to have his name adorn the school.”

Still other speakers asked the trustees to consider naming the school after longtime Killeen teacher, principal and community member Alice Douse.

Douse worked as, among other positions, principal at Haynes Elementary School. She was one of the first African-American principals in the district.

Former Killeen school board member Fannie Flood-Lewis addressed the current board members, recounting Douse’s contributions both inside and outside the district.

“She’s honored us by giving us all that she had,” Lewis said. “Let’s honor her.”

Killeen Parks and Recreation Director Brett Williams, who attended Haynes while Douse was principal, agreed.

“As a young 5-year-old, the first leader I knew in life was Alice Douse,” Williams said. “She’s a tremendous part of who I am.”

Other advocates who spoke on Douse’s behalf included two of her four daughters, former Killeen City Council Member Rosa Hereford and Killeen Branch NAACP President TaNeika Driver-Moultrie.

Another community member asked trustees to consider naming the school after another longtime educator, Bernice Moland.

The board members did not make any comment on who they plan to name the new school after, and a vote on the matter was not on the agenda at Tuesday’s meeting.

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They are moving Fowler, not doing away with it. It needs to remain Fowler Elementary, this shouldn't even be an issue.


The fowler name is still there on the street, a fallen police officer is a great idea.


No matter who they name the school after the lack of a clear naming convention for KISD shools is going to leave someone upset. It appears there is a "major push" to get the first school named for a black person. Really wish folks would avoid this. It will only lead to like campaigns for the first asian american, latin amercian, etc etc.
If the school is going to be named for a person, the decision needs to be concentrated on the person's contributions and achievements to KISD (preferably) and then to the community as a whole.
The board will probably cop out and just name the school after the local area much like it has done in the past (Willow Springs, Reeces Creek, Skipcha, Mountainview, Union Grove, Eastern Hills, East Ward, West Ward, etc)
With all due respect Officer Hornsby's memory should be enshrined elsewhere, say like renaming the Killeen Police Training Academy in his honor. Much more fitting in my opinion.


Man! a no brainer here! Keep the Fowler name. Shouldn't be any fuss about this at all, board should have set the rules early on " We are building a new Fowler elem. school." The city of Killeen should honor the slain officer, fact is the city of Killeen should build something in Bobby's honor.

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

If you close Fowler Elementary and build a new school to replace it, then Mr. Fowler's name should transfer over to the new school...continue Mr. Fowler's legacy.

To deny Mr. Fowler's legacy is like saying he never existed.
To "honor" another person's name...would be to dishonor Mr. Fowler.
Now that would be shameful on KISD...

Keep the names others are suggesting for future schools.


'To "honor" another person's name...would be to dishonor Mr. Fowler.'

Respectfully, no. It doesn't dishonor anyone to honor someone else.

'To deny Mr. Fowler's legacy is like saying he never existed.'

Not naming a school after someone isn't denying their legacy. And if not naming a school after someone is the same as saying they "never existed", what about all the thousands of other people here who don't have schools named after them?

To be clear, I don't have a dog in this fight. I think it would be wonderful to carry over the Fowler name to the new school. I think it would be just as wonderful to name it after someone else in order to honor a new name.


"Respectfully, no. It doesn't dishonor anyone to honor someone else."

It would be like closing MLK Boulevard because they built a new road elsewhere then name the new road after someone else.

I don't think you could get one person to agree with you that it would NOT be a "dishonor" to MLK and his "legacy" to just drop his name after it had already been there for decades. Just saying

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