Students at Eastern Hills Middle School got the chance to put down their books Friday, and participate in hands-on activities at the school’s annual Fall Into Math and Science day.

Now in its fourth year, the event takes place on campus and allows Eastern Hills’ sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students to take part in several activities geared toward lessons in math and science that they will be learning in their classrooms throughout the school year.

“These activities are meant to be fun and engaging for students,” said Robert Burns, a curriculum specialist at the school. “It gives them a chance to understand some of these subjects better, and take an active role in learning.”

The activities were tailored to each grade and their respective math and science curriculum. Sessions for students included activities like “Elephant Toothpaste,” where students used chemical reactions to create giant pillars of foam, and “Barbie Bungie Jump,” where they measured and recorded the distance of falling dolls tied to rubber bands.

“It’s fun when you get to actually do things yourself, and learn hands-on,” said Jada Kieschnick, an Eastern Hills eighth grader. “It’s much better than just being stuck in a classroom.”

Kieschnick said her favorite activity of the event was getting to dissect a cow eye with her classmates.

“It was a little gross, but it was also very interesting,” she said.

While students like Kieschnick were quick to talk about the fun of participating in the activities, they also needed to demonstrate they understood the concepts and curriculum behind them as well. As they participated in each activity, students were required to log the data and notes, which would later be turned into their math and science teachers.

“These activities are all matched to our curriculum,” said Jamie Blassingame, the school’s principal. “It’s great to give these students a way to take what they are learning and show them how it is applied in real life.”

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