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Killeen Independent School District’s Proposition A&B political signs are stored at Linnemann Realty on W.S. Young Drive in Killeen Wednesday, April 11, 2018.

A political action committee in support of the upcoming bond election for Killeen Independent School District includes three who helped craft the propositions.

Vote Yes for KISD Kids, a coalition of six community members, has raised $13,750 for the campaign, according to documents filed April 4 with the Texas Ethics Commission. The group has spent more than $6,000 installing large signs around the area that encourage voters to cast ballots in favor of the two proposed bond measures. They also spend money on video testimonials and yard signs.

Proposition A is for $235 million and would fund a new high school and elementary school, as well as upgrades to existing facilities like intercoms, controlled access devices, perimeter fencing and shade structures for outdoor play at elementary schools.

Proposition B is for $191 million. The bond on the ballot says the money will be spent on “the construction, acquisition and equipment of school buildings in the District, including the rehabilitation, renovation, expansion, improvement and consolidation of District facilities, and levying of the tax in payment thereof.” It doesn’t specify how it would be spent.

Superintendent John Craft has said KISD would spend it on consolidation of schools and a complete revamp of Killeen High School.

Cullen Mills, the treasurer of the political action committee, said members include himself, Bill Kliewer, Brenda Coley, Michael Linnemann, Kay Carey and Jessica Diem.

Mills, Kliewer and Coley were part of a bond steering committee appointed by Craft. Craft and the district selected potential committee members and sent more than 100 invitations out to people for the committee, which met four times in November at various KISD schools to help prioritize what the district would propose on the May 5 ballot.

Mills said conversation of creating Vote Yes for KISD Kids originated during bond steering committee meetings.

“It was just a gathering of all of us due to conversation,” Mills said. “Myself, Bill Kliewer and Brenda Coley were all on the bond steering committee. That conversation originated back to when we were going on about gathering public support.

“What we’re out here to do is to make awareness of the issue, point people in the right direction and answer any questions.”

District officials have no knowledge of the PAC, according to KISD chief communication officer Terry Abbott. He said no district dollars have gone toward supporting the PAC.

It is prohibited by law for school districts to spend money on election activities in support of or against bonds.

The Killeen Business League contributed $12,500 to Vote Yes for KISD Kids on March 28, according to the filing documents. Other contributions include $1,000 from Union State Bank that same day, and $250 from Modern Appliance, where Mills works.

Pat Kaufman, president of First Texas Bank, confirmed his membership with the Killeen Business League.

Kaufman referred all questions pertaining to the league to Randy Sutton, president of First State Bank Central Texas in Harker Heights.

Neither Sutton or executives with Union State Bank could be reached for comment Wednesday. | 254-501-7553 | 254-501-7553

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Killeen Patriot, if I could trust that all that money was going to go where they say it will then I would have no problem voting yes. I don't believe it will though. This belief isn't from conspiracy theories it's from observing and reading from over 8 years. I don't doubt that the kids need more supplies etc. I just don't believe they will get everything they need before that money starts to disappear. But you keep wearing your rose colored glasses. Someone needs to.


Myths and lies are being spewed to steal pennies for the KIDS BOONDOGGLE. Here are facts, not urban legends of 45 kids in a KIDS HS. Texas state law requires districts to provide students 75,600 minutes of instruction per year, including recesses and intermissions. A district's overall ratio of students to teachers cannot exceed 20 to 1, absent a waiver. The above can be found on the TASB website: ... .... Fact NOT FICTION!

DOES KIDS HAVE A WAIVER ALLOWING 45 students in any KIDS HS? I visit the KIDS schools regularly, often as a guest lecturer. I have yet to observe any class larger than 30 or 31. Very few classrooms could accommodate 45 teenagers. Beware, LIES are being SPEWED and VOMITED to steal your pennies for a BOONDOGGLE of epic proportions - as in ONE HALF BILLION DOLLARS - don't be BAMBOOZLED, again!!!!! Fact, NOT fiction, voters!

Killeen patriot

Cherbear - what is your problem? Yes, they where on the bond steering committee together. Yes, they had conversations at that time and decided to create a PAC to encourage the public to vote yes. That is how almost any initiative is started. So do you think John Craft and the board personally knew every person on the bond steering committee? You should spend less time on your conspiracy theories. The truth is that the district has build 12+ buildings since the last bond vote, all with money that they have saved by being fiscally responsible. The fact is that our high schools are severely overcrowded. I am tired of people saying, don't build a new building - put that money into better teaching. Well, you can be the best teacher in the world, but when you have 45 students in one class.... all the money in the world is not going to help you give enough time to each student. We are in need of this new high school, so that we can have classes of a reasonable size. I will be a yes vote on May 5th.


So District officials know nothing about the PAC but right there in black and white in the middle of the article it says - Mills, Kliewer and Coley were part of a bond steering committee appointed by Craft. Craft and the district selected potential committee members and sent more than 100 invitations out to people for the committee, which met four times in November at various KISD schools to help prioritize what the district would propose on the May 5 ballot. Somebody's lying. And yet we are supposed to trust them that they will do what they say in regards to these bonds? What is it with Killeen and elected officials that lies and greed seem to be their top goals? We have Churches on almost every block, maybe they need to step through the doors more often and sit down and read the Good Book.


KDH informing the voters, so the voters have ALL the facts making it easier to vote NO to KIDS' latest BOONDOGGLE BAMBOOZLE.


What's the negative slant here, KDH ? These citizens are supporting a bond they believe in.

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