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TEMPLE — Two candidates, Linell L. Davis and Temikia Brown, are seeking election to the District 2 seat on the Temple Independent School District board of trustees.

The election is scheduled for May 10, with early voting starting April 28 and ending May 6. Whoever is elected will replace longtime board member Dorothy Powell, who did not file to seek re-election.

Here is a look at each of the candidates:

Linell L. Davis

“I’ve worked in school systems for about six years and retired from Temple ISD. Temple was very good to me when I was growing up, and I want to give something back to the community. Mrs. Powell talked with me (about serving on the board), and I said, ‘This sounds good.’ I want to provide a voice for the children in the community.

“I have been a part of the Ebony Cultural Society, and our goal is to help our students go to college. We work hard to see they get scholarships. I also have volunteered for the Feast of Caring and Feast of Sharing, and served on a committee for the 2011 bond election for Dr. (Robin) Battershell. I have worked with community members and pastors from various churches. I have also worked a lot in schools, including as secretary for the ninth grade assistant principal at Temple High School for four years and assistant principal at Meridith-Dunbar. In New York, I worked for the dean of continuing education of Bronx Community College and also for the associate dean of the college.

“I attended one meeting the first year I worked for the school system. Prior to that, I had not. “I believe the renovation of the high school is one of the most pressing issues. All of the buildings that were part of the bond project are being renovated, and I feel that’s something that is very important. I admire Dr. Battershell and the board and am thankful for the work they are doing. Everyone is not going to be happy, but so many things are involved in building a strong school district. I would love to help the community see both sides. It’s a matter of working for what’s best for everyone. The most important thing is getting parents involved in the students’ education. I think that’s crucial.”

Temikia Brown

“I work in the cardiology department at Scott & White. The biggest inspiration was my son, Ayden. He has been attending Temple ISD since he started school in prekindergarten and he’s now in second grade. Working with the educators has made me want to be more involved and to be a voice for all of our students. I really do believe in the mission of Temple ISD of serving our children, helping them to excel and give back to our community.

“My dad was in the military and I traveled around the world and was able to experience a lot of interesting and different cultures and see how education is approached. I served on the Temple ISD District Education Improvement Committee in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, and we developed a district improvement plan. I also have been a Wildcat Mentor, served on the Ganbara Scholarship Committee, served on the city of Temple’s Public Safety Advisory Committee, the Library Board and the community development board that helps determine funding of local public service agencies through Community Development Block Grants. The Library Board is part of the education focus that I love.

“I actually have had the opportunity to attend a couple of the meetings. The last one I attended, (Superintendent) Dr. (Robin) Battershell was nominated for the (Texas Education Agency) Superintendent of the Year. I was very excited about that. She’s done a wonderful job for the school district, and the board has done a lot of good things. We need another bond election. When the district had a bond election in 2011, I wasn’t a big proponent of it at first. When I got on a school bus and saw things through an educator’s eyes, ... I saw the need for new ceiling tiles, windows and paint at Lamar (Middle School), and became a huge supporter.

"We still have updates that are needed in our district. I also want to see an increase in parental involvement and give parents and community members a chance to speak up more. Parental involvement is important. We are all working together for the best interest of children in our community."

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