Officials with the Killeen Independent School District say voter turnout for 2018 elections was the highest in district history.

There were 6,580 votes cast out of 75,848 eligible voters, according to Chief Communication Officer Terry Abbott. The number of eligible voters does not include suspended voters.

Based on the number of votes cast compared to the total list of eligible voters, turnout for the election was approximately 9 percent.

“We believe the 6,580 votes was the highest number in Killeen ISD history,” Abbott said. | 254-501-7553

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fina anjani


Gentlemen, just because we didn't like the result of the election is not a valid reason to speculate about improper vote counting.
We have so many other valid reasons to 'take pause" about the vote total.
first and foremost is the district's own polling firm did a poll that said a $400M bond would fail 58-42. Yet it PASSED 58-42. Either KISD's own polling firm is the worst polling firm since Dewey vs Truman or something needs explaining.
Second, the prevailing sentiment at every public forum on the matter was decidedly against passage. In fact the only folks who spoke up in favor of the bond where KISD administrators or members of the steering committee who started "packing" the meetings at the end. At the final meeting at Skipcha there were at least three KISD officials or steering committee members present for every resident present. Not a single non KISD employee expressed any support for the bond. yet the bond PASSED 58-42.
Third, nine percent of the voters voted. Really? That's a massive increase. and for all of the increase to evidently go in favor of the bond is really impressive. Dr. Craft most be the best salesperson in the world.
Which of course leads us to the fourth reason for pause. Despite being barred by law from advocating for the passage of the bond, Dr. Craft did exactly that. His town hall "information" briefs about the bond turned from information presentations to out right campaigning. And when that didn't seem to be doing the trick, he held a pop-up press briefing at both Harker Heights High and Skipcha Elementary three days before the vote to campaign for approval of the bond. The KXXV reporter covering the event even described it as such in her Facebook post and KISD had the audacity to repost the allegation on their own Facebook page.
Yep lots of reasons to pause......


TISD plans to build another high school for $106,000,000.
KIDS plans to build another high school for $250,000,000 and build new roads for KILLzone and the monopoly hut builders for an additional $35,000,000 to $50,000,000.


Turkeys get stuffed.
Ballot boxes can also get stuffed.
What oversight is there when KIDS counts the ballots in their lair???


Counts them in their lair? Early voting for the bond was held at the KISD administration building.


Well, the more money KISD can con or steal from the property owners, the more union workers (dedicated voters) they can hire. Then they can then use Killeen city revenues (also taken from citizens) through the corrupt chamber of commerce to print voting propaganda along with another third party group with KISD board members. Then they can set up voting booths INSIDE KISD admin building to get as many KISD workers tax payer funded free time to vote. Did KISD have any "admin" days so KISD workers could campaign for the bond? Let me go make a task list of what Baltimore and Chicago ISDs do so we can know where this is headed in the future.


Bless your heart, I am sure you are a real pleasure to know.


Agreed. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that KISD is a Chamber "investor" and the supeeindendant is a Board member for the Chamber.


Just as the liberal left are usually the loud ones about any issue, compared to conservatives....the negatives are usually much, much louder than the positive and those in the the affirmative. Every single neighbor of mine was for the bond. Most of the people that I talked to were for the bond....I think if I was as unhappy as a couple of you sound, I would either run for an office...or move.

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