Collectable coins and cash are looked at during a past event of the National Coin Collectors Association. The organization will be in Killeen starting Tuesday.

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Break out the old coffee can of coins because expert coin collectors are coming to town.

That dusty old buffalo nickel might be worth a small fortune.

Representatives from the National Coin Collectors Association will be at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center all week starting Tuesday to appraise and possibly make offers on rare or old coins.

The event is free to attend and all appraisals are free. Attendees will have no obligation to sell anything they bring to the event.

Coin expert Jeff Lee of League City said the main thing people need to be on the lookout for are coins from 1964 or before. The amount of silver in those coins makes them inherently valuable, whether rare or common, strictly because the market price for silver has skyrocketed in recent years.

But Lee warned against just grabbing those old coins and selling them for the value of their metal. A seemingly common coin may have a rare distinction that can shoot its value up into thousands of dollars.

“It just makes me sick, because that’s what we want as collectors are these rare dates, and we’re willing to pay for them,” Lee said.

Collectors will be on hand through Saturday at the conference center. They also are willing to make house calls or visit bank lockboxes if requested.

Lee also stressed that no matter what, participants should not clean their coins.

“Do not attempt to clean them in any way,” he said. “You can really damage a coin’s value.”

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