By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

LAMPASAS - The Spring Ho County Fair, run by the Lampasas chapter of the Texas Extension Education Association, showed off the entries after giving awards to exhibitors at noon Thursday.

"The town folk just come in and check it out," said Shari Morsch, a member of TEEA.

The exhibit has gone on for about 40 years, and it has always been open to the public, said Siddonia Umphres, TEEA president.

By letting the public come in and view the work, it gives everyone a chance to see what their neighbors are doing, but it works as a way to encourage future participants in the county fair, too, she said.

The exhibitors also like to show off their work, Morsch said.

The fair judged the Lampasas residents' handmade clothing, artwork, crafts and textiles, fruits and vegetables, horticulture, baked goods and canned goods.

Among the work were wood burnt pictures, several photographs, handmade pillows, blankets, jewelry, dolls, pickled fruit and vegetables, cakes, cookies and flowers.

The best-in-show winners included David Wilson for his wood burning portrait and frame, Crosby Liverman for his sunflower seed brittle and Bryli Wilson for her tropical flower arrangement.

The reserve best in show included Pat Clepper for his crown of thorns, Montana Caler for her medieval costume and Devyn Moore for her onions.

The fair had about 230 entries, which is on par with previous years, said Karen DeZarn, Lampasas Agrilife Extension Office agent.

It also had more than 50 visitors during the three hours the exhibit was open to the public.

The Extension office is glad to run the fair during Spring Ho weekend so more people can enjoy the work, DeZarn said.

"It is just hobbies and it just showcases their skills," she said. "It is just a down-home thing - a down-home county fair."

The exhibit is open to the public in the community room at First Texas State Bank, 501 E. Third St., from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. today and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, with a break for the Spring Ho Parade on Saturday.

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2011 Spring Ho County Fair winners

Adult (18 and older) Best of Show: David Wilson

Adult Reserve Best of Show: Pat Clepper

Intermediate (13-18) Best of Show: Crosby Liverman

Intermediate Reserve Best of Show: Montana Caler

Junior (12 and younger) Best of Show: Bryli Wilson

Junior Reserve Best of Show: Devyn Moore

Horticulture Fruits/Vegetables

Adult Grand Champion: Sandy Tompkins, cucumber

Adult Reserve Champion: Ron Porter, hot peppers

Junior Grand Champion: Devyn Moore, onions

Junior Reserve Grand Champion: Devyn Moore, green peppers

Crafts and Textiles

Adult Grand Champion: Peggy Bledsoe, machine pieced quilt

Adult Reserve Champion: Jayne Weichert, dolls

Junior Grand Champion: Bryli Wilson, tropical fresh arrangement

Junior Reserve Grand Champion: Devyn Moore, deer boat


Adult Grand Champion: David Wilson, wood burning picture frame

Adult Reserve Champion: Azalea Dell Aldinger, duck egg, hand etched

Junior Grand Champion: Avery Moorehead, frog photo on grass

Canned goods

Adult Grand Champion: Peggy Bledsoe, pickled mixed vegetables

Adult Reserve Champion: Gail Eltgroth, cucumber relish

Baked goods

Adult Grand Champion: Skeeter Smith, banana cake

Adult Reserve Champion: Crystal Bunch, chocolate cake (mix) with white chocolate icing

Intermediate Grand Champion: Crosby Liverman, sunflower seed brittle

Intermediate Reserve Grand Champion: Crosby Liverman, poppy seed cake (mix)

Junior Grand Champion: Avery Moorehead, chocolate surprise cupcakes

Junior Reserve Grand Champion: Keely Wilson, cream filled pumpkin cupcakes


Adult Grand Champion: Shirley Beyer, square dance costume

Adult Reserve Champion: Karen Dezarn, machine quilted purse

Intermediate Grand Champion: Montana Caler, medieval costume

Junior Grand Champion: Avery Moorehead, shorts and top

Junior Reserve Grand Champion: Sydney Dishman, decorated purse

Horticulture Potted Plants

Adult Grand Champion: Pat Clepper, crown of thorns


Adult Grand Champion: Bryli Wilson, purple necklace

Adult Reserve Champion: Phyllis Poehlman, necklace

Junior Grand Champion: Bryli Wilson, turquoise peace sign


Adult Grand Champion: Gail Eltgroth, fall quilt

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