A fire on Tiffany Circle in southwest Killeen destroyed a mobile home Friday morning.

No one was injured in the blaze. A female resident escaped before the fire engulfed most of the back of the house.

Neighbor Bret Rinehart, an employee on the night shift at Metroplex Hospital, said he was sleeping about 10:15 a.m. when he heard a large pop.

“At first I didn’t pay it much mind,” he said.

But the commotion grew, and Rinehart began hearing people yelling. He looked out his back window to see a “ball of fire” in the home’s backyard that was licking the back of the house.

Within minutes, neighbors were banging on his door telling him to grab buckets. By the time Rinehart exited his home, first responders arrived and began attacking the fire, he said.

Killeen Fire Department Chief J.D. Gardner said firefighters mobilized to extinguish the fire from inside the home. But as it spread in the backyard, firefighters mounted a “defensive” position to contain the fire.

After holding the fire to the single property in the 5300 block of Tiffany Circle, firefighters switched their attention to the fire within the home’s attic.

From the front of the home, firefighters shot water at the top of the home’s roof, where fire had broken through. Firefighters sprayed water with smaller hoses inside the home from the rear.

The back half of the home burned almost completely, leaving a skeleton of studs and beams where the back wall once stood. Firefighters shot high-powered flows of water from inside the home into the attic, sending roof shingles flying in the air.

More than an hour after the fire was reported, firefighters were spraying parts of the home that continued to smolder.

Gardner estimated the damage to the home at about $50,000. Tax records show the home was appraised at $12,000 in 2012.

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