By Jade Ortego

Killeen Daily Herald

John Fisher, a Killeen resident for 46 years, announced Wednesday that he would run for a third term as Bell County commissioner of Precinct 4.

Fisher told the crowd at the Bell County Annex in Killeen that he was most proud of two accomplishments during his tenure. In the past seven years, the county has grown, and he has helped to address the needs of the population in a fiscally conservative way while keeping the tax rate down, he said.

However, his most personally gratifying undertaking, he said, was to help house 600 families escaping Hurricane Katrina.

He said he enjoyed working with some of the 3,000 evacuees who came to Bell County, listening to their stories and recognizing that "not everybody is dealt an even hand."

"They came to our community and we reached out," he said.

The county had the housing paid for by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, so it didn't cost local taxpayers anything, he said.

"The most I'm proud of is we did it with zero impact to the taxpayers of Bell County. We made sure we stayed ahead of the curve," he said.

Fisher said he is also proud of working toward the renovation and expansion of the Bell County Annex in Killeen, the extension of county services to the Bernie Beck Main Gate at Fort Hood and the creation of Texas A&M University-Central Texas.

If he is re-elected, Fisher said he would remain accessible to his constituents at any hour and work to protect water quality. He has projects he is working on in the precinct, which includes Killeen, and in the county as a whole.

Fisher is the president of the Hill County Community Action Association and the secretary/treasurer of the Central Texas Council of Governments

He is a member of the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce's government affairs and transportation committees, the Killeen Downtown Revitalization Committee and the Community Emergency Response Team. He owns Country Secrets Western Wear and is the Rodeo Killeen chairman.

Fisher moved to the precinct he currently serves when he was 6 years old. He attended Texas A&M University and is a licensed auctioneer.

Fisher, 52, was elected to his first term in 2002.

He and his wife, Sheena Sue, have four sons, John Ryan, Richard Chad, James Robert and Wade, and they have four grandchildren.

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