William Slade Sullivan

William Slade Sullivan was in the process of suing the City of Round Rock after an encounter with police resulted in quadraplegic paralysis. He died on Monday.

On March 21, a Florence resident was sitting in his car charging his phone when six Round Rock police officers tried to arrest him, according to court documents. Intoxicated and outside of Rick’s Cabaret in Round Rock, William Slade Sullivan, 44, now is a quadriplegic after the officers’ “extremely aggressive use of force,” one of his lawyers said.

Sullivan is suing the city of Round Rock and the six police officers involved in the incident.

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It's an attys. game all the way. At the end of the day months from now the real truth will come out, always does unless your dealing with Benghazi. This story is far from over.

Mamma Griz

I thought that "driving while intoxicated" would mean that the person was actually driving. Evidently in Round Rock it means "sitting in car". Guess Round Rock has rogue cops that love to show how important they THINK they are. And why was he pulled from the car? He is disabled and can't move as rapidly as they want, I guess. And Round Rock denies releasing the video and audio recordings to his lawyers? I wonder why. Guess they would be incriminating evidence against the cops.


You sure guess a lot. Why don't you just calm down and wait to hear the other side of the story before jumping to conclusions.

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