By Matt Goodman

Killeen Daily Herald

Veterans Day visitors to Marvel's Florist on North 10th Street were welcomed by a bouquet of yellow roses on a table near the entrance. The bouquet was "very similar" to the one commissioned by a Florida man for owner and retired Army Sgt. Phil Enderle to send to each hospital around Fort Hood in hopes that it would end up getting to Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who is suspected of killing 13 and injuring 38 during a shooting on post Nov. 5.

The man wanted Enderle to attach a note that read, "Major Nidal Hasan. Koran 2: 190-3. In God's eye, and those who submit, you are a hero!" Another request: that Enderle "play dumb" if authorities began asking about the order. Shortly after reading the customer's wishes, Enderle hand-delivered the e-mail correspondence to the FBI.

"I did what I thought was right," Enderle said. "It really, really troubled me. He said in an e-mail, 'my money's green like anyone else's.'"

Enderle said the FBI showed up at the man's doorstep over the weekend. The FBI took no action, but the event prompted another round of e-mails from the customer, who argued that Enderle had stifled his constitutional rights.

"If he would've not had the message from the Quran or the message about playing stupid, I would have just contacted him through e-mail," Enderle said. "But that's just if's; that didn't happen."

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