LAMPASAS — It took months of work to convert Clarkston Body Shop into Lampasas’ second events hall, The Holiday House.

Glynda Carpenter and her husband, who have built on and improved properties around the city, were responsible for the initial conversion of the building about 12 years ago.

“I just always thought there are not very many places to have reunions and things in Lampasas,” Carpenter said. “I got up one morning and said to my husband, ‘Let’s go buy that.’ He woke up quickly.”

The Carpenters bought the lot in 2000, while it still looked the part of an old body shop.

Removing debris and old cars took months of bulldozing work, Carpenter said.

“We had to clear that lot,” she said. “It was a junk yard out there. We had over 500 tires hauled off.”

Besides cleaning up the land, there was also interior maintenance and building modifications to do.

“We took out the overhead doors and added the east porch and french doors,” Carpenter said. “We also added the porch on the creek side.”

Other conversions included installing a functioning kitchen and serving bar, dropping a ceiling to cover duct work to provide heating and cooling the garage lacked, and changing the floor.

“The biggest problem we had with renovation was the floor,” Carpenter said. “It was a concrete floor. We had to go over it with acid and couldn’t get the paint to stick.”

When the fixed-up Holiday House opened its doors in December 2000, it was in use almost every weekend, Carpenter said, for weddings and reunions held by renters, or occasionally, for her grandchildren to host parties.

“My grandchildren have had their birthday parties there; my grandsons had Super Bowl parties there,” she said. “The younger ones had graduation parties there and that’s where our family gathered for Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Still busy

The Carpenters sold the Holiday House around 2010 to DBL Interests LLC because they found themselves unable to handle the maintenance.

While Carpenter said she does miss the get-togethers, weddings and reunions, the Holiday House stays busy.

The current booking agent, Julie Laine, said family reunions, birthday parties, weddings and commercial events have all been held at the Holiday House.

“We provide tables and chairs, and you can floor plan it any way you want,” Laine said.

With wheelchair-accessible restrooms, a functioning kitchen, creekside access and daily discounted hourly rates, the Holiday House remains an accessible venue for any variety of gatherings in Lampasas.

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