Killeen Fleet Services

Vehicles are seen at the Killeen Fleet Services building Wednesday, February 20, 2013, on Little Nolan Road in Killeen.

A former city of Killeen employee lodged a complaint with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality alleging the city used her underground storage tank certification number after she resigned in December 2012.

Kim Randall, former fleet services director, was forced to resign from the post Dec. 12, 2012, following a three-month police investigation and audit of the motor pool that revealed mismanagement of the division.

Randall said upon her resignation she contacted TCEQ several times to ensure the city was not using her certification number. After the city experienced a fuel leak in early January, she said she learned her certification number was being used.

State law mandates all facilities with underground storage tanks holding motor fuel have a trained operator who is required to ensure certificates are maintained.

According to the TCEQ website, certification for the underground fuel tanks is required annually, and certified operators, who renew every three years, are responsible for making sure the tanks are in compliance with state standards.

Hilary Shine, a city spokeswoman, said due to personnel changes, the fleet services division hasn’t had any certified operators in a year, and Randall’s certification was not used following her resignation.

“The certification is granted to the employee,” she said. “So, the use of a former employee’s certification is not possible.”

Randall was put on administrative leave Oct. 5, 2012. According to a TCEQ underground storage tank registration and self-certification form dated Nov. 28, 2012, interim fleet services director Eric Morsbach used Randall’s certification number.

Shine said the fleet services division has employees who are in the process of obtaining certification. TCEQ gave the city 180 days, beginning Jan. 23, to get certified.

Andrea Morrow, a TCEQ spokeswoman, said details regarding the city allegedly using Randall’s certification can’t be released because an investigation is ongoing. Morrow said if a city isn’t in compliance with having certified operators, it could receive a violation, but it likely won’t face any fines.

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