A former city employee is suing the Killeen government, claiming officials violated a 2009 settlement agreement.

The petition, which was filed in Bell County District Court Sept. 5 by Austin attorney Bill Aleshire, alleges city officials failed to abide by terms of a settlement with former Killeen recreation superintendent Megian Douglass by telling prospective employers that she was “terminated” by the city rather than stating she resigned.

In December 2009, the Killeen City Council approved a $35,000 settlement after Douglass threatened a wrongful termination lawsuit. According to the petition, part of the settlement also promised that, if Douglass resigned from her position, the city would not “disparage” her work record, and would tell prospective employers that she resigned as opposed to being terminated.

In the new lawsuit, Douglass wants the city to cease violating the terms of the 2009 settlement, and take steps to rectify the alleged violations. Aleshire said Douglass was not asking for any monetary damages or legal fees.

Read more in tomorrow's Killeen Daily Herald.

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Randy Johnson

What's GM gonna do now? I sure bet his wife is getting tired of all his Affairs coming to surface...Whats next, and how long is the city going to let him stay as City Manager....SMH!!!!!!

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