By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

Long-time Killeen resident and former candidate for several state and local offices is putting his bid in for a much larger state position this year.

Ed Lindsay, formerly of Killeen, will be running for State Comptroller of Public Accounts under the Green Party banner. On the ballot, he will face Republican incumbent Susan Combs, Alan Marsh (Constitution), James Pennington (Constitution), and Mary Ruwart (Libertarian).

His previous bids for office were driven by a desire to give the voters a choice, he said.

"This time around I am running for our state office, because I don't think the comptroller is doing the job that she should be doing," Lindsay said. "She is a career politician, and I am a strong believer in two-term limits. If she is good enough, she can hold two terms, get out and get back in."

He ran against Jimmy Don Aycock for the District 54 State Congressional seat in 2006, against Suzanna Gratia Hupp for the same seat in 2004, and against Kenny Wells for the District 1 seat on the Killeen City Council in 2009.

Residents didn't have an option in those elections and that is why Lindsay ran as a Democratic candidate, he said. Two years ago, Lindsay made the move from Democrat to Green Party, and then its members requested that he run for office.

The Green Party believes in protecting the environment, strict fiscal budgeting, and it doesn't like special-interest groups controlling elections and governments, he said.

"They asked me to run, and I was happy to comply," Lindsay said. "They asked me to run based on my experience."

Lindsay doesn't believe that Republicans or Democrats are spending taxpayer's money conservatively and that he is a better person for the comptroller's job.

"You should run a government like you run your household," Lindsay said, claiming that deficit spending shouldn't be allowed.

In January, Lindsay moved from Killeen to Fort Worth to be closer to his family.

He lived in Killeen for 18 years, and he worked for Killeen Independent School District for 14 years. In 2004, he started to work as licensed professional counselor and worked part-time in real estate for three years.

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