BELTON — Disgraced former Killeen police officer Kirt Yarbrough was found guilty Monday for having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old female he met through the department’s youth outreach program.

Yarbrough and family members present in the courtroom showed little emotion as the jury pronounced his sentence at five years in prison after he was convicted of sexual assault.

The former Killeen Police Department officer was suspended and eventually fired in January after allegations surfaced that Yarbrough had sex with a student he met while supervising the Killeen Police Explorer program.

The program was suspended for months while police administration investigated it. KPD relaunched the program in May with a new civilian supervisor.

Dressed in a beige jacket and tan pants, Yarbrough took the stand to maintain his innocence following his conviction. He told the court he took the victim to hotel rooms as a way to get her out of emergency situations.

In one instance, he said the girl had been kicked out of her home. In another, he said she had run away on her own and was left out in cold, rainy weather, Yarbrough testified.

However, prosecutor Shelley Strimple, citing the Farmer’s Almanac, noted that the temperature got no cooler than 54 degrees on the day in question: Dec. 19, 2011. A check of the almanac’s weather history website showed the Killeen area had no rain, and the high temperature at Fort Hood was 70 on that day.

Yarbrough’s defense attorney Anthony Griffin skewered the girl in his closing arguments. He told the court the girl conspired with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend in order to extort money from Yarbrough.

The girl told police during her first interview with police her mother had “prostituted” her in order to get child support from Yarbrough. She later recanted that story after police confronted her with further evidence.

“This man got played like a fiddle,” Griffin said.

Strimple described Yarbrough’s actions as of a man grooming a victim. He lured her by appearing as a trustworthy person, but later made her feel pressured into a sexual relationship by buying her gifts.

“That’s not an old fool, that’s a dirty old man,” she said.

Though Yarbrough denied ever having sex with the girl, he did recognize that he acted inappropriately. Before police uncovered any evidence of a relationship, Yarbrough and the girl exchanged more than 7,500 text messages. Many of those were professions of love and of a sexual nature.

“I am the adult. I am the person that should have known when to back up,” Yarbrough said.

Yarbrough could face trial in Coryell County for a second charge of sexual assault involving the same girl. Police have evidence that Yarbrough took the girl to a hotel in Copperas Cove, where they engaged in sexual acts.

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I agree with everything said thus far. And to add on, I'm just glad this guy will not be a police officer anymore in the town I live in. He is not the only one who has been unethical in that department. Over the years I myself have been subjected to the injustice of the KPD. I know Yarbrough was convicted for his inappropriate relationship with a child, but this is just one of many unjust acts he as well as other cops are guilty of. State and federal authorities should be brought in to investigate the whole legal system fròm the judges down to the police department. This includes community supervision as well. The ''good ol boy'' illegal system in this area has been foul and unjust for years. You can tell who is genuinely good or bad. To keep your foot on a person's neck and not allow them to live productive lives because you keep charging them with ''garbage crimes'' that have nothing to do with ''protect and serve'' is oppression. Eventually this leads to revolt as history has proven. If higher forms of government don't step in to fix this, common people will.


I think that that other officer Perry that knew about it, and confronted him and asked him about it should get in trouble as well. Did she not take an oath when she became an officer and report crimes? That’s right were talking about KPD where they just turn the cheek on everything! Bottom line is, THE MAN IS A PIG! THE MOTHER IS THE ON WHO TURNED THIS IN, SO HOW WAS SHE THE ONE WHO SET IT UP. THE MAN IS TRYING TO COVER UP WHAT HE DID! HE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN MORE TIME THEN WHAT HE DID! ANY WIFE THAT WOULD STAY WITH HIM AFTER SEEING ALL THIS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HERSELF!!! THE MAN USED HIS POSTION TO GET WHAT HE WANTED!! END OF STORY THE MAN IS A PIG!!


If that would have been anyone else, they would have gotten way more time. But since he was with KPD for so many years and pained this glorious picture of how wonderful he is, and that he got played, they gave him less time. I call BS on this. This man deserves more time. There are too many KPD police officers doing things, that they arrest others for. Are they saying that they “ARE ABOVE THE LAW” because they were a badge? I don’t think so, and KPD needs to be investigated cause there is too much of this stuff doing on, with taxpayers DOLLARS!! There are officers having marital affairs with tax payers dollars. Meaning that they are doing it while on duty, using PD issued cars, PD cell phones and computers. If one officer gets fired for it, then they all should. Don’t show favoritism and not fire an officer for what others have been fired for. KPD needs to be investigated!!! .

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