By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

The Democratic nominee in the recent District 55 state representative race has filed to fill one of Harker Heights' City Council seats.

Sam Murphey, who lost to Republican Ralph Sheffield in November's race for the House seat, put his bid in Friday for a place on the Harker Heights City Council, according to information from Patty Brunson, assistant city manager.

"The city elections come up in the spring. The opportunity is here, and the city needs good leadership on the City Council," Murphey said about why he chose to run in the local election.

To Murphey, the government works in layers, and each layer – the federal, state and local

– work to support each other, he said.

"It all builds on top of each other, and each layer helps each other," Murphey said.

Murphey, 64, said he believes the two positions have similar duties – to look out for the welfare of the constituents.

"You want to make sure to the best your ability that you can influence the actions that are the best for your city," Murphey said.

Murphey said he is not planning on using the Harker Heights City Council seat as a means to stay politically active, only to run for the state Legislature again, he said.

"I have no plans to do that at all," Murphey said. "I gave that my shot."

Murphey said he would be glad to serve Harker Heights as city councilman instead of as a state representative.

"I think being on the City Council is a great way to serve your community," Murphey said. "Had the election turned up different in November, then I wouldn't have had this opportunity."

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