A Fort Hood official confirmed early this morning that a Killeen Daily Herald photo circulating the internet is not of the man allegedly responsible for the April 2 shooting on post.

The image, dated 2010, was used without permission by other media outlets which identified the man in the photo as the shooter. Fort Hood spokesman Tyler Broadway said the man, also named Ivan Lopez, was a soldier at Fort Hood in 2010. The man in the photo is still alive and not involved in the attack, Broadway said.

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Kristi Johnson Staff
Kristi Johnson

Commenters: Please read the story again. The photo, which accompanied a Fort Hood Herald story from 2010, was taken from KDH online archives by other media outlets and used without KDH permission. KDH never identified the man in the photo as the Fort Hood shooter or posted the photo in relation to the latest Ford Hood shooting.


I would expect nothing less from The KDH journalism is like a foreign language to the reporters, like most of the media, make news, not report it.


OMG That's terrible. Why would they (Hearld) ever post a picture without truly checking it out first? Good grief! Who owns this paper?

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