NOLANVILLE — The city’s “ticking time bomb” is a step closer to being defused.

On Monday, engineers presented a completed design for Nolan Creek’s replacement sewer pipe to officials at Bell County Water Control and Improvement District No. 3’s monthly meeting. The next hurdle is finding funding.

A storm that ripped through Central Texas in October damaged the sewer pipe that crosses over the creek near the Pecan Village Mobile Home Park. Coupled with a fallen oak tree and an onslaught of rain, a crack appeared in the concrete block that encases the aerial sewer line.

Although the current line is not leaking, more damage to the pipe could cause sewage to flow into the already polluted waterway.

The best possibility for funding is to take out a loan through the Texas Water Development Board, said Trae Sutton, an engineer with Kasberg, Patrick and Associates. The cost is expected to be between $650,000 and $800,000.

After talking with Specialized Public Finance Inc., Sutton said a loan from TWDB would be the most economical route for the district, giving the city quick money with a less than 1 percent interest rate.

Specialized Public Finance is a financial advisory company that specializes in consulting select governmental entities, such as power plants, state agencies or water districts.

“Since we are going to have a ‘shovel-ready’ site,” Sutton said, “where you are going to have plans in hand and you can go ‘pretty much as soon we have the money we can build it’ that helps speed up the process … we could possibly get the money within six months.”

In the new design, engineers propose eliminating the current aerial pipe and extending the line south 1,000 feet, and then installing a lift station that would pump wastewater across the creek in an underground pipe.

“If we can get the funding in three to six months, we can start building it early summer sometime,” Sutton said.

The district will meet again at 5 p.m. Feb. 17 at 303 N. Main St., Nolanville.

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