GATESVILLE — The Gatesville school board on Monday agreed to an interlocal agreement with the City of Gatesville to assign a police officer to patrol district campuses during regular school hours.

The officer’s duties will include traffic control, law enforcement and assisting school administration with security during regular school hours.

Gatesville ISD will pay $42,535 in actual costs for the officer for 37 weeks, according to the agreement. The sum will include a portion of the officer’s salary, benefits, medical insurance and use of a city police vehicle.

Although the final vote on the pact was unanimous, Superintendent Stewart Speer and several board members took issue with the district’s share of the police vehicle.

Speer said the city and the district would split the cost of a new vehicle — $35,000 — but the officer assigned to the schools would drive a used vehicle.

“I have an issue with that,” Speer told the board. “We are going to help pay for a new vehicle but they will give us a used one.”

“It is an issue with me too,” board member Joe Nolte said. “They should reduce the cost if we are not getting a new vehicle.”

The city would own the vehicle and provide fuel and maintenance, Speer said. The district would pay about $20 a day for use of the vehicle.

“As long as we get one that is dependable and takes care of business we should be all right,” board member Gerald Poe said. “I still don’t like it.” “We’ll work it out,” Speer told the board. “They (city staff) are good people. They will look out for us.”

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